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Stop Retaining Your Farts! Here Are 7 Surprising Reasons Why Farting Is Beneficial To Your Health

Stop Retaining Your Farts! Here Are 7 Surprising Reasons Why Farting Is Beneficial To Your Health

 7 Surprising Reasons Why Farting Is Beneficial To Your Health

Source of mockery, flatulence is part of the normal and natural functions of our organism, just as hiccups and rots. Indeed, although farting is embarrassing and rude when it occurs in public, it is mostly an indicator of our state of health.

This phenomenon of the release of intestinal gas from the backside following the fermentation of certain foods, their decomposition or an absorption of air during mastication is quite normal. It is estimated that a healthy person expels an average of 14 to 18 farts per day.

It is all the more important to know this phenomenon because it characterizes our state of health and helps us to keep our organism in the right direction, so do not hold your farts and discover their 7 surprising benefits!

The 7 surprising benefits of farts

1. Indicate food allergies

Food allergies are caused by an abnormal defense of the body as a result of ingesting a food. Signs appear rapidly after absorption of the allergenic element such as skin, respiratory, cardiovascular and digestive symptoms. In the latter case, there are abdominal cramps, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting and colic. Indeed, an increase in your farts after absorption of certain foods may indicate whether you are intolerant or allergic to these foods so do not neglect this valuable indication.

2. Revealing our health

Depending on the frequency, odor, noise or pain, farts can reveal a lot about our health. In the same way as to detect food allergies, flatulence can be warning signs of many ailments such as intestinal obstruction. If your flatulence changes, without changing your diet, consult a health care professional.

3. Improve cell functioning

It is not just farthing that improves the functioning of the body's cells but rather inhaling the smell of farts, according to a study conducted by the University of Exter in Britain. They discovered that hydrogen sulphide reduces the risk of cancer, stroke, diabetes, arthritis and heart attacks, but also helps to maintain the role of the mitochondria, cells to survive. Indeed, when the cells are stressed by a disease, their secretion of hydrogen sulphide is reduced. And since the farts contain a high level of hydrogen sulphide, sniffing works well on the cells.

4. Relieve abdominal pain

People who tend to retain their flatulence risk painful pressure on the walls of the intestine or even an intestinal distension. To promote the evacuation of gases, it is necessary to massage your stomach gently in order to evacuate the accumulation of gas and to avoid various digestive disorders.

5. Determine your dietary needs

Flatulence reveals a lot about our diet, and especially if our diet is tailored to our needs. A lack of flatulence is equivalent to a lack of high-fiber foods. Indeed, the latter are at the origin of the production of gas during the fermentation of food. In addition, various foods affect the smell of farts such as beans, artichokes and meats. However, a good frequency of farts makes it possible to avoid gas accumulation in the intestines and therefore various digestive disorders.

6. Reduce bloating

Bloating is caused by an accumulation of intestinal gas in the intestine. Particularly troublesome, they decrease the quality of life and are caused by diet and aerophagia. In order to relieve them, it is necessary to fart! To ease gas evacuation, massage and revise your diet by incorporating certain high-fiber foods, eating slowly, and exercising to improve digestion.

7. Feeling better

Retaining its gas causes a lot of inconvenience and especially digestive disorders. A study published in the New Zealand Medical Journal indicates that retaining farts can be hazardous to health, especially when traveling by plane. The accumulation of gas in the intestine is exerting increasing pressure in the intestinal walls and complications arise such as abdominal pain, swelling of the stomach, nausea, vomiting or even hemorrhoids in people suffering from colon diseases. So the best is to let go of the pressure and to fart freely!