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Watch Out For This New Trap Of Car Burglars! You Are Warned!

Watch Out For This New Trap Of Car Burglars! You Are Warned!

Watch Out For This New Trap Of Car Burglars

Many pitfalls exist either for car-jacking methods or for abductions. Discover the history of these jewels deposited on the windshields.

The method is well rooted. You park in a parking lot, preferably in an isolated corner of the passage or in reduced visibility (penumbra, poles, ...). Once parked, you go down to make your commissions or any other activity that brought you to this parking lot. You do this task without worrying about your car or what might happen to you in this parking lot.

Meanwhile, the thugs who watched you go down wait patiently after setting their trap. They usually position themselves within sight to get into action when you arrive.

When you return to your vehicle, you may not notice anything special at first glance. You will store your shopping or other packages in the trunk or back and then place yourself at the driver station. All this without noticing that you are being watched.

As a general rule, you are at your driving position, the door lock is not yet activated. You slide the key into the contact without paying attention to this car where people are watching you. The engine starts and you notice this shiny object on the windshield.

What are you doing ? Intrigued, you get off the vehicle. The trap closes on you. You've probably left the ignition on and the engine noise masks the sound of the two doors slamming in that other famous car. And then you are on a parking lot, the noise of doors does not represent a danger in itself so you do not pay attention.

The two (or more) thugs are pointing at you while you observe this unusual object. A jewel of great value with a word whose label unveils an inscription similar to this one: "Free gift offered by the House of Jewelery ". You have just finished reading when a gloved hand covers your mouth.

Three scenarios then appear:

1 - Car-jacking

The assailant throws you to the ground, enters your car and starts in a whirlwind. You've just been trapped on a car theft. Statistics show a decrease in car-jacking flights in France. Theft by electronics is the flight experiencing the greatest recrudescence in 2016. This method consists in programming a blank key to replace the key of the user but computer knowledge is necessary contrary to the method of the jewel on the pare -breeze. In total, 300 vehicles are stolen per day on the national territory.

2 - Burglary of your home without break-in

The assailant also throws you to the ground in this method, enters your car and starts in a whirlwind. You have just been trapped but for a flight to your home. The keys of your car are coupled with those of your home, the thieves make use of the information present in the car (gray card, permit or home address prerecorded in the GPS). So they get in without break-in and can leave with whatever they want.

3 - Physical harm

Gangsters will force you into their vehicle or into your own. Their aim is to harm your person either for human trafficking or for procuring. The National Consultative Commission on Human Rights has drawn up a sad report of 420 cases of trafficking in the year 2013. While 150 disturbing disappearances are reported daily in France.

All these figures reflect a real insecurity which requires great vigilance. If you are facing an odd object on your windscreen, leave and you will be able to recover this object further on the road in a place frequented waiting to arrive at your place. Stay alert!