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16 Shockingly Beautiful Birth Photos Show What A Delivery In The Water Looks Like!

16 Shockingly Beautiful Birth Photos Show What A Delivery In The Water Looks Like!

Shockingly Beautiful Birth Photos

The 9 months have passed and now the big day has arrived. A great apprehension comes during this period, would it be a normal childbirth, or a caesarean section or a birth 100% natural in the water? The latter method is a trend that attracts more and more couples, it is a natural birthing method and soothing for the mother as well as for the baby. In this article, you will discover 16 fusional photos that illustrate what a birth in the water looks like.

Why an aquatic birth?

In 1960 the Soviet researcher Igor Borisovich Charkovsky develops the concept of childbirth in the water and undertakes the birthing under water like the dolphins. Obstetricians then carry out research to improve this experience. When the woman feels close and painful contractions, she sits in a pool with water at 37 ° C. The relaxing properties of the water soothe the pain and provide a feeling of lightness and well-being.

The benefits for the mother

The water has an incredible relaxation effect that allows the mother both to reduce her pain of contractions thanks to the antispasmodic properties of the water, to relax her muscles, to dilate the cervix and to improve her respiratory abilities. The different studies have shown that the more relaxed and comfortable a mom is, the shorter the work phase will be. Aquatic birth is therefore done in a calm atmosphere, where the mother finds herself in an intimate and relaxed environment, this impression is even more accentuated if the light is soft and calm reigns in the room.

The benefits for the baby

For the baby, his contact with this new world is gentle, not brutal or violent. The passage between the uterus and the outside is soothed thanks to the warm water that reminds him of the amniotic fluid in which he bathed for 9 months. According to the midwives who perform this type of delivery, the children born of this method would be more relaxed and calm. It is also important to note that the state of relaxation in which the mother is located optimizes the supply of oxygen to the baby through the placenta.

Contraindications to a birth in the water

In 2008, hospitals in Ireland banned pool births after a baby died after swimming. In a birth bath, the risk of infection exists, when expelling the baby the intestines can empty, it can affect the baby especially if the water is not cleared of impurities. Among other things, this practice can present many risks and complications especially under the following conditions:
  • The hypernervous, hypersensitive or uncomfortable mother in the aquatic environment.
  • The general fatigue of the mother at work.
  • The mother suffers from a chronic illness.
  • The mother who needs, for some reason, an infusion or an epidural.
  • Abnormal blood loss.
  • Prematurity.
  • An abnormal position or presentation of the baby.

While childbirth in the open may also be risky for both the mother and the baby, medical supervision remains a strong point in favor of delivery in the open air. Therefore, the practice of aquatic childbirth requires support and follow-up from an expert in the subject.

Let's look at these 16 fusional photos that show what a birth in the water looks like!

A couple moments before welcoming a new family member!

The meeting between the sister and the newborn!

Preserve the placenta after birth in the water!

At any moment ...

Hello little baby!

A sharing of emotions during work ...

First swim!

The portrait of the comforted family!

What pretty cheeks!

A view from above of the bathtub until baby arrives!

The face of this daddy means everything ...

Cuddles everywhere!

We are going to get out together ...

There is no more precious than the small hands and feet of a newborn ...