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A 19-year-old Girl Is Pregnant With Twins - But The Ultrasound Stunned The Doctor For What’s Hidden Behind The Fetus!

A 19-year-old Girl Is Pregnant With Twins - But The Ultrasound Stunned The Doctor For What’s Hidden Behind The Fetus!

A 19-year-old Girl Is Pregnant With Twins

Having children is always one of the most beautiful dreams of a woman, she is still waiting for that moment with impatience. Despite all the efforts it takes during pregnancy, a woman is always delighted to see her children come into the world and grow healthy in front of her eyes. However, when she is unaware that she can never give birth, it can be one of the worst moments of her life, an indescribable disappointment!

When Charlene Medlicott was only 15 years old, she was diagnosed with a disease that created cysts in her ovaries.

The doctors told her she would never be pregnant naturally, a terrible news to hear for a young woman. But Charlene could surprise everyone when she was suddenly pregnant with twins.

When Charlene Medlicott, 19, and her husband Mark were informed that Charlene was pregnant, they were mad with joy!

Since Charlene was diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome, the couple did not think that pregnancy could be possible.

This pathology means that cysts, which are small, non-cancerous tumors, develop within the ovaries. Often, this is due to a hormonal imbalance, that is, a lack of luteinizing hormones, and an excess of androgens, called male hormones. Then the ovaries increase in size because of the cysts they contain, which makes it very difficult to get pregnant.

In what can be termed a miracle, Charlene and Mark were delighted to learn from the doctor that they were expecting twins.

But when they went to do another ultrasound, they were shocked! Their doctor did not expect this to happen either.

At the level of the belly, and just behind the twins, the doctors could distinguish two additional faces. It turns out that Charlene who could not get pregnant waited for quadruplets!

A 19-year-old Girl Is Pregnant With Twins

The British couple could hardly believe it was true. But a few months later, Charlene gave birth to four healthy girls, Gracie-Lou, Rosaline, Amalia-Rose and Eveylynn.

Four girls came to the world in December 2011 and Charlene became the youngest woman in the UK to have given birth to quadruplets. And what makes pregnancy even more special is that the four girls are an identical quadruplet.

"I always knew my daughters were special," Charlene told the Daily Mail. "And now, they could also break records."

What a beautiful surprise for the parents, they do not risk getting bored with these four little princesses! Share and share the beautiful story of this family.


It is currently impossible to prevent polycystic ovary syndrome, since medicine has not yet managed to know what triggers it.

However, if you are attentive to the symptoms you can act as soon as possible. Symptoms may include: disorder or absence of menstrual cycle, weight gain or even obesity, presence of unwanted hair (on the chest, stomach, and face), acne, and fertility.