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The Belly Of A 16 Year Old Girl Does Not Stop Growing, She Is Shocked When She Hears The Diagnosis Of The Doctor!

The Belly Of A 16 Year Old Girl Does Not Stop Growing, She Is Shocked When She Hears The Diagnosis Of The Doctor!

The belly of a 16-year-old girl does not stop growing

From time to time, we read on the Internet or in the newspapers, amazing stories of strange pathologies, distortions, or unexplained and unusual medical facts. Fortunately, medicine always tries to find explanations for certain phenomena and to produce the appropriate remedies, in many cases it succeeds in doing so, but not in others.

Among these unusual stories, there are some that we never forget, because of their strangeness and their unique character.

This happens in the North of England, no one understood what was going on in this young girl, an incomprehensible state!

Originally from Middlesbrough, UK, Bethany Lane is a 16-year-old girl. Last year, she knew something strange and abnormal. His stomach began to develop uncontrollably and caused him immense pain.

The condition was so severe that she had to see a doctor. At first glance, the doctors thought the girl was 6 months pregnant, but something was not clear.

After several exams, Bethany's doctors realized that she had a cyst in one of her ovaries. It was so big that it was nearly 33 centimeters in diameter and put pressure on several other organs of Bethany's body, which caused him extreme suffering.

Fortunately Bethany went to the doctor at the right time because at that time the cyst pressed so hard against one of her kidneys that it could burst. And Bethany could have died.

Cysts in the ovaries are tumors with a fluid component. It is a rather common condition, about 5% of women develop it during their lifetime. And there are 2 types of cysts:

Functional cysts are usually due to hormonal dysregulation, but they can disappear normally after menstruation, or after hormone therapy, and are always benign.

Organ cysts, due to altered ovarian structure, can be benign or malignant, depending on the case.

The belly of a 16-year-old girl does not stop growing

Through endoscopic surgery, the doctors removed the cyst by removing all the water it contained. This allowed Bethany to lose 12 pounds. Which explains the consequent volume of his stomach magnified.

Bethany was lucky by being in the hands of very competent doctors who managed to take the necessary steps to remove the cyst without complications or side effects. She is well, and she is very happy to have got rid of this painful concern.

"I am very grateful. Hospitals are sometimes criticized, but I will never thank them enough," Bethany told Gazette Live, a digital newswire.


Because of our current diet, our way of life, the risks of diseases and tumors are very frequent. Never neglect signs that may seem abnormal or strange to you. Regular diagnoses and assessments are also very important. This allows you to track your health, and know what can cause you trouble in the future. As the famous saying goes: Prevention is better than cure!

Have a healthy and balanced diet, which consists of fruits and vegetables, preferably organic, with few industrial or processed products, do regular physical activity and drink plenty of water.