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The Biggest Recipe Of All Time To Burn Fat Is In Your Hands! You Can Lose 22 Pounds In 1 Month

The Biggest Recipe Of All Time To Burn Fat Is In Your Hands! You Can Lose 22 Pounds In 1 Month

Biggest Recipe Of All Time To Burn Fat

Do you have an overweight problem? Do you want to burn fat in a simple and natural way? Here is a recipe that will allow you to get rid of 22 pounds of your weight in just one month!

Mother Nature is full of beneficial foods not only for health but also for beauty care and well-being. In fact, nowadays more and more people prefer to use natural remedies instead of resorting to medication. This is the case for some people who suffer from overweight, they prefer to follow totally healthy and natural recipes to eliminate extra pounds. For this purpose, a recipe composed mainly of chia and lemon seeds can give breathtaking results in a very short time.

Chia seeds and lemon for extra pounds

The chia is an annual plant originating in Mexico, it belongs to the Lamiaceae family. Considered a staple food among the ancient Mexican tribes, it was also used for medicinal purposes.

Also known as Salba, chia seeds are full of substances and characteristics that make them an exceptional food. It is an excellent natural antioxidant rich in omega-3, fiber, protein, iron, calcium, and vitamin C. They regulate blood sugar levels, protect against heart disease, relieve joint pain and help fight hypertension, hypercholesterolemia and overweight by preventing cravings.

On the other hand, lemon is a citrus fruit with notable benefits on the body that are far from being misunderstood. Lemon cleanses the body of toxins, strengthens the immune system. It is also and especially very effective in terms of weight loss. This thanks to its richness in vitamins and many minerals. It is also rich in fiber that improve digestion and improve metabolism.

The mixture of chia and lemon seeds is highly reputed for these nutritional properties and its benefits for the fight against overweight. Indeed, in addition to being a wonderful purifier expelling toxins accumulated in the body, it effectively helps to burn fat. Here are the ingredients and the appropriate preparation to lose, thanks to this recipe, 10 kg of your weight in one month:

  • 1/2 lemon
  • 1 tablespoon chia seeds
  • 1 glass of water
  • 1 tablespoon honey (optional)


Before preparing this recipe, dip the chia seeds into the water. Let stand for one to two hours so that the mixture has a gelatinous consistency. Then pour the lemon juice and mix it all. Optionally, for those who do not support the acid taste of lemon, they can add honey.

Way of consuming :

Drink this mixture in the middle of the morning and then before each meal.
By combining this delicious and natural remedy with a healthy diet and regular physical exercise, you will win over your battle against fat.

Caution :
Keep in mind that the many benefits of chia seeds do not allow you to give free rein to your desire to consume in immoderate quantities. Their daily consumption should not exceed 25g.

On the other hand, if you suffer from an allergy to other seeds like sesame or flax seeds, then you will have to be vigilant for eating chia seeds also because some research suspects that they are allergenic.

With high levels of alpha-linoleic acids, chia seeds are not recommended for people with prostate cancer

It is not advisable to consume lemon in case of kidney or biliary complications, stomach ulcer or citrus allergy in general.

Think about not brushing your teeth right after taking a lemon juice. Wait at least half an hour to avoid altering your dentist's email.