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He Drank 50 Ounces Of Beer Every Day For A Month. When He Went To The Doctor, He Was Shocked!

He Drank 50 Ounces Of Beer Every Day For A Month. When He Went To The Doctor, He Was Shocked!

He Drank 50 Ounces Of Beer Every Day For A Month.

The harmful effects of tobacco, drugs and alcohol have no secrets for anyone. But on the latter, the opinions remain divided, especially that certain people do not hesitate to affirm that the beer does them no harm, quite the contrary. To have the ultimate proof that beer had no miracle effects on the body, a team of researchers wished to make a rather unique experience. Let us discover these results!

The progress of the experiment

To determine the effects of beer consumption on health, the researchers subjected their subject to an experiment consisting in drinking half a liter of beer per day for a month. In order to obtain the most correct results possible, he had to visit a doctor before beginning the experiment for a general control of his health.

1st week

During the first few days of the first week, our subject began to feel frequent headaches, his face was swollen and he had pockets and dark circles under his eyes.

2nd week

During the following week, he noticed that his sleeping rhythm was disturbed, he needed about 40 minutes to fall asleep and had a hard time waking up in the morning, which resulted in some delays for his sleeping place. job.

3rd week

During the last week of experience he had difficulty concentrating and knew that his eyes were often glued to his computer screen without actually seeing what was going on. His colleagues also began to notice that he had become much too nervous.

Moreover, the subject had stated that prior to the experiment he was able to work four hours in a row without taking a break, but during the experiment he constantly checked the time on his watch and was seriously short of patience at the end of his working hours.

Last week

The subject noticed in the last week that he no longer had the strength or the breath to run while it was part of his daily routine before he embarked on this experience. If he decided to exercise, he took twice as much time as before and could only cover half of his usual journey. In reality, he usually ran 14 to 16 times a month whereas during the experiment he only ran 5 to 6 times.

What surprised him most was what he saw visible, especially in the area of the abdomen: a belly to beer.

Return to the doctor

Once the experiment was over, he went back to the doctor to compare his results with those of the previous month. It turned out that the swollen face and shortness of breath were the result of blood vessels too full. The beer belly was due to the malfunctioning of the endocrine system. Insomnia, on the other hand, revealed problems in the kidneys.

Beer and cancer

Another study by scientists at the University of Montreal showed that people who drink beer or a glass of strong alcohol every day are at high risk of suffering from 6 types of cancer, whereas men who drink only time at others if not at all. These people are 7 times more likely to develop cancer of the esophagus, 80% more likely to develop colon cancer and 50% more likely to have lung cancer. 

Road accidents caused by drunkenness and cirrhosis are also two other hazards to which large alcohol consumers are generally exposed. It should also be remembered that excessive ingestion of beer will of course lead to excess water in the body which the kidneys can not evacuate because of the quantity exceeding their maximum. The person may also suffer from sodium deficiency.

For your health and for the safety of others, stop your beer consumption or at least reduce it to reasonable amounts.