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If You See These White Lines On The Chicken Meat, Read This!

If You See These White Lines On The Chicken Meat, Read This!

 White Lines On The Chicken Meat

People are eating more and more white meats including the chicken leaving a little red meat because of its nutritional properties. But have you ever noticed white streaks on its surface? Here are their meanings!

Although it is necessary to consume them in moderation, meats in general remain an excellent source of certain components enormously beneficial for the organism and which exist neither in the vegetables nor in the fruits, in this case the animal proteins, the Heme iron, vitamin B12 ... But what characterizes the meat of the chicken compared to the red meats, it is especially its high content in proteins and its low content in fat. This helps prevent cardiovascular disease and regulate cholesterol levels by improving the lipid content in the blood.

Moreover, it is for this reason that the market for the sale of white meat, particularly that of chickens, is constantly growing.

As a result, in order to produce more and more quantities meeting the needs of the market, industrial progress is at the rendezvous. But its negative consequences on the quality of the meat are very obvious.

Indeed, to produce at any cost a huge amount of poultry in a very short time, from incubation to packaging, all means are good for livestock industries: injection of growth hormones, use of antibiotics, inappropriate food (use of animal meal), prolonged exposure to light, condensed spaces (23 chickens / m2 in a building of 1000m2 up to 1500 m2) and a shorter breeding time.

Generally, it takes about 47 days for the weight of the chicks to reach 3 kg! Whereas 50 years before, it took the chicken about 70 days to reach the same weight, that is to say that there was a forced growth. In addition, the industrial breeding proves without mercy towards these poor animals: cruelty, violence, negligence, injuries ...

This intensive breeding and this abusive behavior towards these animals is not without consequences. It is the source of a poor quality of meat that can be easily recognized by the presence of white streaks with the naked eye. These scratches are a strong indication of previous treatments, contrary to normal, said meat is characterized by a low protein content and a high composition of fatty acids due to the fact that the muscles have undergone abnormal growth reflecting poor conditions. breeding.

All this is not without consequences on health because obviously the fat is at the origin of several diseases especially cardiovascular diseases.

Finally, for a quality chicken meat, certain conditions must be respected:

- Environmental conditions: freshness with adequate temperature, natural sunlight, good ventilation, large space (11 poultry / m2)
- A good diet based on cereals rather than on animal meal and fats ...
- Appropriate breeding time: 81 to 110 days (doubling above standard conditions).
- A selection of a quality strain.

In short, the quality of a chicken lies in its slow growth, adequate nutrition, appropriate environmental conditions and good breed quality. Since livestock industries are very far from these standards and have no intention of complying with them, we must be doubly vigilant in terms of consumption of these white meats. And especially if you notice these white stripes!

Quality chicken:

Human civilization eats meat now more than ever, and as the bird is an extremely effective source of protein, it is one of the most famous miles of meat. Seeing this, we should not be surprised that rooster producers are flooding the market with poultry meat. but, it comes with a price - consistent with a new campaign launched with the help of the company "Compassion in Global Farming", the white lines we often see on a piece of chicken meat indicate that the chicken was low with a muscle problems, which indicate loads for the conditions under which they were raised. Despite the fact that it is no longer a hassle that threatens life, it is simply an ethical problem.

The arrival of white strains on the meat of birds reduces the happiness of the meat and increases the fat content up to 224%. As we all recognize, eating fatty foods is the main contributor to heart trouble. Muscle disease affects all chicks that have been overfed so you can grow faster and faster. So the moment you notice them on a piece of poultry, do not eat it.