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Moles On Different Parts Of Your Body Reveal Your Luck, Your Life And Your Character

Moles On Different Parts Of Your Body Reveal Your Luck, Your Life And Your Character

Moles On Different Parts Of Your Body Reveal Your Luck, Your Life And Your Character

Our signs of the zodiac, the features of our face, the shape of our hands ... are all elements that we can analyze to discover our personality and our traits of character. But did you know that the location of moles on your body can also tell a lot about you?

Here's what the location of your moles reveals of your personality and your future:

1. The front

A mole in the middle of the forehead represents wisdom. It is considered that the person has specific ideas, is active and hardworking. If it is on the right side of the head, it symbolizes wealth while on the left side it means that the person is selfish and unlikely.

2. The eyebrows

A mole in the middle of the eyebrow indicates a leader character, wealth and glory. If it is to the right of your eyebrow, it indicates a great success, a beautiful wedding and healthy children. However, if the mole is left, it corresponds to cowardice, dependence, few children and the person is likely to face problems at work or in business.

3. The eyes

A mole at the corner of the right eye is a good sign. The person is honest, sensible and trustworthy. Located at the corner of the left eye, it is an arrogant and unreliable person.

4. The nose

A mole on the tip of the nose represents alertness and irascibility. This person has great self-esteem. A mole located on the right side of the nose means she is rather naughty. The bigger the mole, the more this person is looking for love making activity. A mole on the left side symbolizes prodigality.

5. The cheek

Generally, a mole on the cheek represents a courageous and gifted person in sport. On the right cheek, it corresponds to a sensitive and caring person who attaches importance to his family. On the left cheek, it belongs to someone introverted and arrogant.

6. The ears

A mole on the ear symbolizes prosperity and money. However, it also shows that this person has great risks of drowning so she must be careful near the water.

7. The lips

If you have a mole on your lips, be sure to monitor your weight and diet as you may have health problems in the future. A mole on the lower lip indicates that the person likes to eat and is a movie fan.

8. The chin

You like to travel and you are gifted in business. If the mole is on the right, it represents logical reasoning and the diplomatic side. On the left, he represents someone of direct and honest.

9. The neck

A mole in the front of the neck represents luck and an artistic sense combined with a pretty voice. If it is on the neck, it corresponds to an aggressive person and is quickly irritated.

10. Shoulders

If you have a mole on your left shoulder, you're probably quarreling and you still want to be right. If you have one on the right shoulder, you are probably wise, brave and courageous.

11. Hands

A mole on the right hand indicates that the person is smart. On the left hand, this person wants to get rich but is in average financially.

12. The elbow

He is an agitated and gifted person for art who loves to travel. She probably has a lot of money and success.

13. The wrist

They are essentially creative people who have good ideas that have a mole on their wrists. They are usually writers or painters.

14. The palms and fingers

A mole on a finger means that the person is dishonest and can not be trusted. It tends to exaggerate things. Moles of beauty on the palm bear misfortune since they represent obstacles.

15. The back

A mole located near the spine symbolizes glory and these people are generally good leaders. Below the shoulder blades, a mole indicates that the person will have a difficult life. Above the shoulder blades, the person will face many challenges but will do anything to address them. A mole on the right side represents health and courage. On the left, he represents the ability to accomplish tasks with diplomacy.

16. The backside

A mole on the right side represents wisdom and creativity while it represents poverty and laziness on the left side.

17. The navel

A mole around a woman's navel is a sign that she will live a happy marriage and that she will have many children. Around the navel of a man, it means that he will be rich and that his children will know the celebrity.