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This Is One Of The Most Carcinogenic Foods, Stop Eating It!

This Is One Of The Most Carcinogenic Foods, Stop Eating It!

This Is One Of The Most Carcinogenic Foods, Stop Eating It

Hot dogs, these sandwiches that contain sausage and are flavored with ketchup sauce are appreciated by a large majority of people, but do they know at least that this food is harmful to health?

Hot dogs are one of the most consumed and appreciated foods, but unfortunately, people do not know that they are made of very harmful substances. Americans eat more than 7 billion hot dogs every summer, making it the most popular and sought-after food.

The first hot dogs appeared in the 19th century, created by German migrants and since then, they are more and more popular. However, they have proven to be very harmful to human health.

Composition of the hot dog

As we all know, hot dogs are made with sausages that are, unfortunately, processed foods with no nutrients. They are produced in factories with the help of robotic machines. It is amazing to know that these machines can produce up to 300,000 hot dogs per hour.

Specifically, hot dogs are made of pork, beef or chicken, but producers use the offal of these animals as the head, skin, feet and fat tissue in the production. They need these leftovers to combine them to create a dough. After, they improve the taste of sausage by adding many additives such as salt, nitrates, corn syrup, monosodium glutamate (MSG) etc.

Depending on the area where hot dogs are produced and according to people's tastes, the amount of additives varies. Monosodium glutamate (MSG) and carmine are flavorings of dyes from the shell of small beetles that are boiled in sodium carbonate or ammonia.

A sandwich to avoid

Use caution when purchasing these products because the USDA does not ask producers to specify all additives on the label. What sausages actually contain is therefore not marked.

The University of Hawaii has conducted research that has shown that all processed meats increase the risk of pancreatic cancer by 67%. Another study conducted in 2010 showed that 50 grams of processed meat per day are needed to increase the risk of diabetes by 19% and those of heart problems by 42%.
In fact, the WHO published a report stating that all processed foods can cause cancer.

In addition, the most harmful additives for humans found in hot dogs are nitrites and nitrates because they are incorporated with amines in processed meat when exposed to high temperatures. thus leading to the formation of nitrosamines known to be a potential cause of pancreatic cancer, stomach, colon and bladder cancer.

The US Institute for Cancer Research said that consuming one hot dog a day could increase the risk of having colorectal cancer by 21%.

If you're still not convinced of the need to avoid such foods or at least really limit their consumption, here's a video to discover how hot dogs are made.