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This Mother Is Shocked When She Sees A  Stranger Holding Her Baby, Then He Says 5 Words That Make Her Cry

This Mother Is Shocked When She Sees A Stranger Holding Her Baby, Then He Says 5 Words That Make Her Cry

This Mother Is Shocked When She Sees A  Stranger Holding Her Baby, Then He Says 5 Words That Make Her Cry

Throughout life, the human being uses touch in his interactions with others, whether to show affection, ask for support or create and maintain relationships. But well before birth, a baby experiences the benefits of touch including that of his mother.

Indeed, it is one of the first senses that develops as proven by scientific research showing that at 8 gestational weeks, a fetus is able to respond to the sensation of touch in utero. Babies use their own sense of touch and that of others to self-soothe when they arrive in new environments. Whether a baby is full-term or premature, he needs human contact because it helps him develop.

The benefits of touch in babies

Beneficial effects are scientifically recognized regarding the use of all kinds of contact between the baby and a parent or caregiver. Whether taking and rocking the infant, massage or skin-to-skin contact or kangaroo maternal care, the human touch gives the newborn a faster weight gain, a shorter hospital stay, a more stable pulse, increased oxygen supply, increased body temperature stability, better pain tolerance, improved sleep, reduced stress, a stronger immune system, better brain and language development, and better social abilities.

Indeed, mother-baby interactions are more serene and are strong maternal bond. But that's not all, a baby enjoying human contact, other than that of his parents, is happier as this incredible story shows!

The incredible story of this mother and her premature baby

When a premature baby is born, it takes a lot of attention and affection on a daily basis. Unfortunately, it is difficult for parents to spend their entire day at the maternity ward because of their professional and personal responsibilities.

In order to help these parents in need, Children's Healthcare of Atlanta, a hospital in Georgia, has called in David Deutchman, a grandfather who has cradled thousands of children for more than 12 years.

David Deutchman retired as a result of a long career in marketing. Seeking to make his time useful and offer his services to society, David asked the Children's Healthcare of Atlanta if they needed volunteers. They responded that yes, and during the first year, David helped pediatric intensive care and then offered to help with neonatal intensive care.

At 82, David, a married retiree, father of two daughters in his fifties and grandfather of two grandchildren, has found a real vocation in volunteering.

It helps to calm crying babies and creates a bond with babies who make him grateful for doing this job. But what matters to it, beyond the well-being of infants, is the fact that parents need help. He talks to moms, holds their hand because he thinks it's as important as keeping a baby in his arms because new parents are facing a lot of stress and this support gives them a sense of reassurance about the person take care of their child.

This stressful situation is so familiar to Logan's mom, a baby born in the 25th week of pregnancy. She goes to the hospital every morning to see her son but feels guilty about not being there 24/7.

One day, as she arrives at the hospital, she sees David sitting in a chair holding her son in his arms. He smiled and then said naturally "Hello! I am the grandfather of intensive care. So Logan's mother broke down in tears so much she was grateful to David for taking care of her son.

To salute this beautiful gesture, the hospital posted on Facebook a photo of the grandfather of ICU Logan.

They described the story of this mom who can not stay in the hospital because she has to look after her other child and what David has been doing for twelve years, that is to say, hold the patients' hands and those of their parents.

Several TV channels and newspapers have highlighted this hero as shown in the report below: