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This Woman Rubbed Her Face With Her First Pee Of The Day. The Result Surprised The Dermatologists!

This Woman Rubbed Her Face With Her First Pee Of The Day. The Result Surprised The Dermatologists!

This Woman Rubbed Her Face With Her First Pee Of The Day

In alternative medicine and homeopathy, urine has long been used to treat a wide variety of health problems. Moreover, many people show the benefits of urinotherapy, not only in skin application but also in internal application, that is to say by drinking it! As for the beauty routine, the use of urine would be beneficial to treat various skin problems, ranging from infections to burns, to dryness. Let us throw some light on this rather unique practice.

In many ancient civilizations, urine has been a cleansing and disinfecting agent. For example, the Romans used it to brush their teeth and as mouthwashes to get white teeth, as well as to wash their clothes. In ancient Rome, the government applied special taxes for the sale of urine. It constituted a genuine business, and some of them made their livelihood by devoting themselves to the collection of urine in public urinals or by going door to door.

The story that follows will surely surprise you, especially in a world that does not see the urine of the same eye as the old ones!

Urine, this new beauty ally

A courageous editor was bold enough to do a self-test. She had been suffering from dermatological problems for years, and heard that urea in the urine could help her skin to heal. At first she was a bit skeptical and kept wondering if this strange remedy did not smell bad and was not full of germs and bacteria?

But despite her reluctance, she firmly decided to take up the challenge and try it out. For two weeks, she applied "middle urine" (middle urine) to her face.

Do not use the very first quantity of outgoing piping because it may contain pathogenic bacteria. The first pee of the day is considered to be particularly concentrated and rich in nutrients that it has been able to absorb overnight, since there was no oral intake of fluids, which corresponds to the recommendation of " first emptying of urine ". As the day progresses and the fluids are absorbed, the urine becomes less concentrated.

The first results showed a dry, fragile and flaky skin and this urine therapy seemed more and more like a scam. The editor really panicked and then stopped the experiment, and then she talked to an expert. The scientist confirmed that urine can irritate the skin if applied in large quantities. It is normal, since this liquid consists of creatinine, hippuric acid, uric acid, and urobilin, which are toxic waste of our organism, resulting from the degradation of other organic compounds.

So she resumed her experience, and that's when something extraordinary happened: the dry skin peeled off of itself, and below her face emerged perfectly smooth and smooth. Apparently, the urine had caused an intense and effective exfoliation of his skin.

So will she keep urine as her favorite facial treatment?

No. Even if it works, it is not the most effective method: urine is composed mainly of water and only 5% urea. But there are more reliable creams, containing 10% or more of this substance, and that it will not hesitate to use in case of problems. Although the results are excellent, the courageous editor says she can not end her days with "peeing on her face".

And you, would you be able to try?