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What You Must Never Do During Your Periods!

What You Must Never Do During Your Periods!

What You Must Never Do During Your Periods

Menstruation is one of the most unpleasant periods for a woman. Hormones regulate and control this period and it is for this reason that some women fail to control their feelings, sensations and reactions. During menstruation, many discomforts and problems can occur including abdominal pain, fatigue, digestive disorders and psychological disorders.

To preserve your well-being and live these few stressful days in peace, discover these bad habits that you should never do during your period:

To skip a meal

During the menstrual period, the body becomes very weak because it loses blood and a lot of energy. It can also experience pain, cramps, and hormonal and digestive disorders that can directly affect your mood and appetite. During this time, try to eat healthy and balanced, not to skip meals and drink enough water to boost your energy because your body needs it.

Do intense sports exercises:

With the arrival of the rules, you can notice that your belly is a little bloated but it is not necessarily a sign that you are fat. Once this period passes, your belly will become as before. It's not worth it to start doing exercises for hours in an abusive way. It can also increase your pain in your stomach and lower back.

Eat fast foods:

When you have your period, eating fast foods and tons of chocolate all day can seem normal to you. But be aware that fast foods are completely unhealthy and can affect your health especially during menstruation. If you have sweet cravings, avoid the consumption of unhealthy foods, including burgers and fries, and opt for healthy snacks like a few pieces of chocolate.

Work all day long:

The first day of the rules can be very exhausting and you will need to rest. It is true that it is difficult for the majority of women to avoid working during the menstrual period, but it is advisable to at least rest a few hours and resume after work. 

Make a sleepless night:

During this time, your body experiences pain and hormonal disorders, so give it a few hours of rest. The sooner you go to bed the better you'll feel, no matter how long you fall asleep. Listen to some soft music, close your eyes and relax. Sleep will help you recover your energy.

Wake up and get out of bed in a bad mood:

If you wake up in a bad mood, do not move from your bed. No one will be able to stand this mood, so the best thing would be for you to stay warm under your comforter and try to sleep a bit more. If you wish, stay in your bed and take the time you need to regain your good mood and balance. No hurry !

To do the housework :

If you stay at home during this period, it's good to rest, it's clear! Your aching and tired muscles need a little rest. Do not ask them more for cleaning. These chores can wait until you get better or you can call on your husband or the person you live with to help you. The bottom line is that you can enjoy a good moment of rest and take care of yourself. You'll go about your housework when you're in shape.

Think for long hours:

Do not hurt your brain too. Do not think of anything and try to do nothing at least for the first day. Rest to the fullest, recharge your batteries and get ready to resume the normal course of your life. Your family and friends need you, but in good health!

We also advise you to stop using tampons because they are very dangerous for your health. Also remember to change your sanitary napkins regularly (maximum every 4 hours) and not to neglect your personal hygiene during this period. Try to wash the outer part of the vulva thoroughly after each washroom and each time you change your towel and make sure you do not use intimate douching or soap and gels.