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If You Have These Small Bumps On The Face, You Will Need To Know And Use This!

If You Have These Small Bumps On The Face, You Will Need To Know And Use This!

Small Bumps On The Face

There are things you would rather not have on your face, even if they are not dangerous. Milium grains, for example, are small whitish cysts that appear on the face and resemble white acne pimples or small moles. Being able to appear at any age the Milia, are very troublesome for the people who have them. Here's how to eliminate them in a healthy and natural way!

Milium grains consist of keratin, a protein that goes into the skin, hair and nails. Benign, they usually disappear with time. But if they really bother you and you do not want to wait, you can eliminate them quickly and naturally thanks to the remedies we offer below.

How to get rid of Milia or Milium grains?

1. A better ritual of care

small bumps on the face

Because inadequate skin care can lead to the appearance of Milium grains. To prevent and treat them, consider washing and exfoliating your skin regularly, then apply a good moisturizer.

2. Sauna

A visit to the sauna can help eliminate Milium grains. The heat opens the pores which facilitates their exfoliation afterwards.

3. Avoid the sun

small bumps on the face

Prolonged exposure to the sun can help multiply the Milium grains and make them even more difficult to eliminate. You should therefore avoid exposing yourself to sunlight, or at least use high-index sunscreen.

4. Honey

Thanks to the moisturizing and antioxidant properties of honey, getting rid of Milium grains is just a breeze. Apply a little organic honey on your face, let it act for about ten minutes, then lightly rub your skin before rinsing.

5. Lemon

small bumps on the face

With a homemade lemon scrub, you can easily exfoliate Milium grains. Squeeze half a lemon and mix the juice with two tablespoons of sugar and one tablespoon of olive oil. Rub your face with the mixture for a few minutes, then let it act for 20 minutes before rinsing with lukewarm water.

Caution: it is preferable to apply this tip at night, due to the photo-sensitizing properties of lemon.

6. Corn and vinegar

With this mixture, the Milium grains will soon become a part of the past. Mix a teaspoon of vinegar, preferably apple cider vinegar, with enough corn flour to get a paste. Apply to the affected area, leave for 20 to 30 minutes, then rinse with lukewarm water.

7. The Fenugreek

small bumps on the face

Due to their antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties, fenugreek leaves have a positive effect on acne, blackheads and milia grains.

8. Castor oil

As this oil has antibacterial properties, it helps regulate the production of sebum and is a very popular remedy against pimples and acne, but also against milia grains. Rub your skin with a teaspoon of castor oil and wait until it is fully absorbed, before you rinse the face with lukewarm water.

9. Pomegranate

small bumps on the face

Roasted Pomegranate Powder is also a popular treatment to quickly eliminate the unsightly Milium grains. Rich in antioxidants and vitamin C, it has a soothing effect on the skin and treats a good number of imperfections. To prepare it yourself, roast the pomegranate skin until it gets wrinkled and a dark brown color, then grind it. Then mix it with a little water and apply it to the Milium grains, without rinsing it. Repeat this operation once a week until the small buttons disappear.

If your Milium seeds are causing you significant discomfort and all scrubs and treatments remain ineffective, you should see a doctor. It is possible that in your case the intervention of a professional is required.

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Caution :

Do not use these methods for babies or young children because their Milium seeds disappear very often without treatment and their elimination can damage their sensitive skin.