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5 Mistakes Of Parents That Make Badly Brought up Children

5 Mistakes Of Parents That Make Badly Brought up Children

Mistakes Parents Make That Lead Their Children to Absolute Failure

The education of children is a critical issue that concerns all parents, it is a heavy responsibility that each parent has on their shoulders. To teach his child good manners, to transmit values to him, to establish rules of life ... And when the child has behavioral problems, it is up to the parents to correct them. In this article, you will discover the 5 mistakes that parents can make and that may affect the education of children.

Raising children has never been easy, it requires patience, learning and especially that the couple is in harmony with the choice of education of their child. It is also important to know that the child follows the example of his parents, so education will not only go through what to do and what not to do but also by acts. Children often have a tendency to identify with parents, so if you ask your child not to speak with your mouth full, do the same! The children are smart and quite attentive to their environment.

In the future, these little mistakes of education that parents neglect in childhood, will make the child an irresponsible, insolent and selfish adult. For example, a RATP study published on June 26, 2012 shows that 97% of public transit users have been witnesses or victims of gross acts by young people (telephone conversation aloud, jump over turnstiles, entry into force in the train without letting down the other travelers ...).

It is therefore the responsibility of parents to correct behavioral problems from childhood and to avoid mistakes that may make them adults who are badly behaved.

Here are the 5 mistakes that parents make and that harm the education of children

1. You are afraid of your children

If, for example, a child wants to drink milk in another cup, and not in his usual cup, parents immediately start looking for the other cup instead of ignoring the child's capricious request. They are afraid that their child will cry or refuse to eat.

Your child should not order. You must let him cry if he feels like it, he will understand that his desires will not be realized by crying. You must never raise your children by fulfilling each of their wishes.

2. You justify the punishable acts of your children

If you justify the misbehavior of children and their explosions in public using this sentence (This is only a child), you motivate your children to continue to misbehave and be irresponsible.

Children are actually able to do much more than their parents imagine, including respecting others, applying good manners, helping with household chores and sharing.

3. You do not let others scold your children

During a day at school, it is quite likely that teachers and teachers will scold children when they behave badly. But nowadays, parents complain and get angry when a teacher punishes their child.

By reacting like this, you give your child carte blanche to do what he wants out of the house, so he understands that everything is allowed and that no one can stop him.

4. You pay too much attention to your child

Parents tend to over-care their children. It's good for their evolution, but you should also create a calendar that is adaptable to the needs of the child, such as play, going out, shopping ...

You can not give him anything he wants, whenever he wants. You can not run for everything he asks for. This will stress you and put pressure on you to always give in to his whims. In the end you do not decide him.

5. Parental shortcuts

Today, parents often use a series of shortcuts to prevent their children from getting bored and thus start to behave badly. They give them electronic devices at all times, such as waiting for an appointment with the doctor, or on board an airplane, or when they are busy doing housework.

You must teach your children a beautiful virtue: patience, they will have to be bored and know how to fill these moments of emptiness with fun and creativity. Moreover, a study has recently shown that boredom is the key to the development of creativity in children.

To sum up, give your child the opportunity to be respected when he becomes an adult!