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A Father Puts His Baby For Adoption. 24 Years Later, He Learns That She Was Right Near Him

A Father Puts His Baby For Adoption. 24 Years Later, He Learns That She Was Right Near Him

A Father Puts His Baby For Adoption. 24 Years Later

For many reasons, some parents may not be able to take care of their children. Some are forced to do so, while others may do so out of cowardice or lack of responsibility. It's never easy to make such a decision, to separate from your child for a long time, and maybe never see him again.

For children, being abandoned by their biological parents and never knowing them, is a trauma and an injury that does not close. Because in most cases, these children will never know where they come from, who their parents are, and their history, as well as the cause of their abandonment. Some children are more likely than others to find their real parents, such as this father and daughter. Here is their incredible story!

Will Russell was barely a teenager when he found himself father of a little girl. Knowing that his life was a mess and that he was not able to take care of a baby, he put his little daughter up for adoption shortly after birth so that she could have a chance to have a life. better.

Will had to fight alcohol addiction and other scourges, but fortunately found hope and help at the Phoenix Rescue Mission, an organization that provides "Christ-centered solutions to people with disabilities." homeless and facing hunger. He started volunteering there and was eventually taken for a full-time position with the same organization.

Over the years, Will has never forgotten the little baby he had abandoned for adoption. He did not know that this little girl, now 24 years old, was also thinking of him, and that her name was Amy Roberson.

Amy Roberson had always wondered about her biological family and decided to try to find her. Thanks to the social networks, she was able to find one of her brothers and sisters, then she found the number of Will, her dad.

The first phone call

Amy was nervous about calling him, not knowing how he would react, but finally she gathered the courage she needed to dial her number.

"It took a lot of courage for me to make that phone call, I was really nervous, but it was definitely something I needed to do." She says.

She had no reason to worry, since when Will answered, he was surprised and delighted that Amy had found him.

Will had always prayed for his daughter to appear in his life, and receiving his phone call was a sign that God had answered his prayers. He told her that everything was going to be okay and that he could not wait to meet her anymore, so the two of them met up for breakfast. A very moving meeting. That's when they realized something that left them both amazed!

The big surprise

Will started talking to Amy about her life and work at Pheonix Rescue Mission. After recovering from her initial surprise, Amy told Will that she volunteered for the same mission. They had been working together for months but had no idea who they were!

Now, Will and Amy are making up for lost time, grateful for the amazing gift they have from scratch and building a true father and daughter relationship together.

What a pleasure it is to see father and daughter reunited again after 24 years of separation. This is a story that ends well. If this story has touched you, do not hesitate to share it with your loved ones to show them that the love between parents and their children is an invaluable gift!