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She Applies Toothpaste On Her Nails, It Will Amaze All Women!

The beauty of the hands comes first through nails well cared for, and just like hair and skin, the nails need to be pampered. This part...

She Applies Toothpaste On Her Nails, It Will Amaze All Women!

The beauty of the hands comes first through nails well cared for, and just like hair and skin, the nails need to be pampered. This part of the body is more often confronted with external aggressions, household products, cold, heat as well as the quality of the food. A healthy lifestyle is essential to maintain the beauty of the nails. The use of products of everyday life can also be part of the actions to adopt to beautify the nails among other things toothpaste. Explications!

Between splitting, flexibility and white spots, damaged nails are often the concern of many women. Go see a dermatologist or settle for a meeting in a nail bar? The health of your nails is to be considered because it can reveal secrets about the health of the body.

Nail health

The splitting of the nails:

The splitting of the nails can sometimes be due to a lack of vitamins, because the breakage can be caused by various causes:

Fatigue or Stress: Stress often involves a deficiency of vitamins, something that systematically impacts the nails, try to relax and rest, the health of your nails will follow.

Lack of hydration: As with hair and skin, lack of hydration influences the nails. Moisturize your nails with balm, or olive oil.

Iron and Zinc Deficiency: Vitamin B deficiencies often have a negative effect on the nails. Consult a dermatologist for proper treatment.

Permanent exposure to household products: Household products contain chemical substances that attack the nails and hands, before starting household chores, think above all to put on gloves to protect your hands.
Soft nails

The most common cause of this fragility is sulfur deficiency, but people whose hands are exposed to physical and chemical aggression can also suffer from this lack of hardening. A vitamin cure and a balanced diet are essential to give the nails their resistance.

White spots

Contrary to popular belief, white spots do not mean a lack of calcium. These spots are related to microtrauma that the nail undergoes including aggressive manicures, too brutal typing on the computer keyboard, the frequent use of the nail to scratch, spread, open ... Gestures of everyday life that are often negligible but in the long run they impact the nails.

The color of the nails:

The nails are an image of the whole body, indeed a discoloration of the nail bed indicates a dysfunction of the body that often requires consultation with a specialist.

  • The blue color indicates a disease of the lungs.
  • Capillaries on cuticles mean an autoimmune disease.
  • Yellow, white or striated nails sometimes reflect very serious or life-threatening diseases.
Far from the complicated problems that require a thorough diagnosis in a doctor, there are simple actions that any woman can do to make her nails more beautiful.

Some simple actions to beautify your nails

Gentle Polishing: The polishing of nails is not so long and it is usually done with acetone or another product. But, in addition to its bad smell, acetone can negatively affect the nails and the skin around them.

To avoid this, here is the perfect solution to remove the varnish without altering the nails. This is a product available in all homes, toothpaste.
Put a little toothpaste on your nails, rub them well using a brush and finally wash them and now that in only a few minutes, your nails will have found a beautiful color and no trace of polish!

Natural hydration: Regularly massage your fingers and nails with a few drops of olive oil or sweet almond, in addition to moisturizing this trick will feed them deeply.

A nail bath: Dip your nails every day in a bath of warm salt water, for about ten minutes with a tablespoon of salt in a liter of water. After two weeks, the nails become harder and therefore more resistant.

It is also clear that a healthy and balanced diet is essential for the beauty of nails as the whole body.