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Deaf Baby Hears His Mother's Voice For The First Time, It's All The Internet Crying

Deaf Baby Hears His Mother's Voice For The First Time, It's All The Internet Crying

Deaf Baby Hears His Mother's Voice For The First Time, It's All The Internet Crying

The human being has five senses including hearing, sight, smell, taste and touch. If one of these senses is affected, several disabling conditions can develop such as blindness, anosmia, ageusia, insensibility and deafness.

These disorders can be detected at an early age even if the symptoms are discreet. In fact, with regard to hearing, hearing loss can be observed in infants through neonatal screening.

Deafness in children

In addition, various symptoms can identify hearing loss. If you notice that your child is not making sounds or is producing less than 4 to 6 months of age compared to a few weeks old, that he is not reacting to loud noises, that his sleep is too quiet, that he does not turn his head towards your voice, that language learning is slow, that he speaks in a singular way, that his voice is strange, that he hears better when he focuses on the face and lips, that he has a school delay, that he suffers from behavior disorders, that he does not react when you speak softly and / or you notice that he reacts better when you speak to him in one ear rather than the other, check with your doctor to get you to an audiologist.

Premature screening and early intervention are essential to treat hearing loss under the best conditions because hearing impairment has a functional, social, emotional and economic impact for the hearing impaired and those around him. The use of a suitable hearing aid as soon as possible and the learning of signs and reading on the face allow the child to develop at the same time as a normal child.

The apparatus or prosthesis allows the hearing impaired to perceive the speech of another person and his own voice. This gives rise to heartbreaking reactions as can be seen when this baby hears his mother say "I love you" for the first time!

The touching story of a baby hearing his mother for the first time

After Charly arrived in the world, his parents quickly realized that something was wrong with their daughter's development. Indeed, as she was not responding to the sounds around her, they began to suspect a hearing disorder.

Of course, as parents who are hoping for the best for their child, they want to be wrong about the health of their baby. Only, following a medical appointment, their doubts flew to leave room for an obvious finding: Charly needs a hearing aid.

Charly's mom was particularly nervous about her daughter wearing an appliance while she still can not walk. Yet, when Charly heard her mother's voice for the first time, thanks to the hearing aid, her face lit up and she was soon shocked by various emotions.

To discover this magic and moving moment, watch the video of Charly who finally hears his mother:

With 360 million people worldwide suffering from disabling hearing loss including 32 million children, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), early detection is everyone's business. Share to raise awareness around hearing disorders!