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These Habits Are As Bad As Smoking And Destroy Your Body

These Habits Are As Bad As Smoking And Destroy Your Body

These Habits Are As Bad As Smoking And Destroy Your Body

It is customary to hear that tobacco, alcohol, drugs and unprotected physical intimacy are the worst enemies of the body and its good health. Many people do not smoke and think they have a healthy life. do not take into account the fact that they have other habits as harmful. Explanations.

The human body consists of different things namely systems, tissues, organs, cells, molecules and atoms that are in permanent relationship. To keep the body alive, the internal medium must remain stable and to ensure this stability, the body has different vital needs.

The needs of the human body

Breathing: Unlike Chinese and Indian, who teach good breathing early, Westerners often neglect the importance of this vital need. When the body does not breathe enough clean air, it often lacks energy. Therefore, breathing toxic or polluted air will cause a dysfunction of the body.

Ingestion: This need includes water and diet, it is important to worry about both the quality as well as the quantity of these two elements. The body may need at least 2 to 3 liters of water a day, it is important to drink water when thirst is triggered.

Regarding food, nature is extremely generous through the range of foods it offers us: fruits, vegetables, meats, cereals ... It will be necessary to bring to the human body all the nutrients necessary for its proper functioning.

Digestion and assimilation: The bad food combinations make the digestion difficult, something which requires the human body a colossal work. It should also be noted that if you only eat what your body needs and when it needs it, digestion and assimilation are more fluid.

Elimination: Elimination becomes difficult when the body has a surplus of animal fat but also when the person controls himself to say or do things. The digestive system is influenced by the emotional system so the more you let go the more you eliminate the waste.

Exploration and Rest: This need includes physical activity, work, self-fulfillment, rest and sleep. The human body needs to move to produce, to flourish to create and to rest to continue.

Did you say bad habits?

Depending on the pace of each, these vital needs can be disrupted by bad habits, here are 5 examples of bad routines to avoid:

Extended positions

Even if you exercise regularly, the extended position has a negative effect on the body. If you sit or stand for more than 8 hours a day, you must be physically active for at least 30 minutes. For example, walk to the store instead of driving, or take a 15-minute walk with co-workers after work.

Excessive consumption of meat and cheese

One thing is certain, you should not base your diet on these two ingredients alone, no matter how much you like to eat them. Despite the belief that a meal is not complete without meat, there are other sources of protein that can replace animal protein in meat and cheese. Vegetables are perfect substitutes.

Cook on a gas stove

When cooking on a gas stove, there is a release of carbon monoxide, formaldehyde and nitrogen dioxide in the air. These are three pollutants that you breathe as if you are a passive smoker. To avoid the release of these pollutants, be sure to install a range hood to reduce the level of pollution from 90% to 60% otherwise ventilate your kitchen when cooking your food.

Sun tanning solariums

Although solariums are advertised as the safest way to tan, this is just a marketing tip. It is important to love your skin as it is. If you want to have a glowing skin and look good, eat foods rich in carotene instead of undergoing this harmful treatment.

Lack of sleep

The recommended daily sleep times are 7 to 8 hours. When you get enough sleep, you avoid high blood pressure, heart disease and many other health problems. You must remember that fatigue is not a normal thing and you should not get used to it. If necessary, completely change your lifestyle to ensure enough sleep, otherwise your health will suffer.

According to a study conducted by the University of Sydney in Australia, these bad routines in addition to tobacco and alcohol are the list of factors that greatly shorten life expectancy!