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 If You Are O Type Blood, Pay Attention To These 5 Things, They Will Save Your Life!

If You Are O Type Blood, Pay Attention To These 5 Things, They Will Save Your Life!

 If You Are O Type Blood, Pay Attention To These 5 Things

Blood type O: Universal donor

The blood type O is a universal donor. A person in this type can donate blood to all types (A, B, AB and O), but can only receive blood from individuals in the same category. In addition, some elements of this type of blood give a unique person and different from others.

Blood type O: Almost perfect health

The person in this type is susceptible to certain diseases such as gastric ulcers and disorders of the thyroid gland; which causes problems like water retention and obesity.

However, according to some researchers, the O blood type protects against cancer and the pancreas. Unlike the type A or B immune system, that of the O type is better able to detect and "destroy" the cancer cells. The person in this type is, therefore, far from contacting pathologies such as cardiovascular diseases, memory disorders and cancer.

Blood type O: a Warrior character

The person is a born leader full of energy. She does not give up until she has achieved her goal. These powerful characteristics make her an exceptional and indispensable person in the eyes of those around her.

In Japan, this blood type has for a long time been linked to an outstanding personality. The person is seen as an organized, responsible, committed, focused, conscientious and pragmatic type. He is a logical person and endowed with perfect qualities. This person can therefore be an exceptional leader. According to popular belief, these qualities are due to our ancestors who had to observe and evaluate their environment in order to survive.

Blood type O: Hyperactivity and impulsivity

The person is hyperactive and impulsive. When she is under pressure, she quickly gets angry. Her excessive sensitivity, combined with an unhealthy eating lifestyle and a relatively sedentary pace, exposes her to metabolic syndrome. This usually manifests as insulin resistance, slower thyroid activity and increased risk of weight gain. In addition, this type gives a higher rate of stomach acids than other blood types, which makes the stomach fragile and easily develops ulcers.

Blood type O: How to take care of yourself?

To take care of yourself, you must:

Avoid the consumption of alcohol and caffeine. The latter can be particularly dangerous because it increases the adrenaline rate that is already naturally high among people in this type.
  • Exercise regularly, at least 3 or 4 times a week.
  • Avoid cereals and dairy products and prefer instead animal proteins and vegetables.