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This Powerful Juice Replaces 8 Drugs And Keeps You Away From Diseases

This Powerful Juice Replaces 8 Drugs And Keeps You Away From Diseases

This Powerful Juice Replaces 8 Drugs And Keeps You Away From Diseases

You want to discover the secret of an iron health and an immune system capable of defending against different pathogens? The answer is simple: the diet. Indeed, fresh fruits and vegetables are full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that ensure the proper functioning of our body. To get the most benefit from them, it would be best to combine them. To help you, here is the simple and easy recipe of a 100% natural juice that will help you fight against several diseases.

Thanks to the combination of 3 natural foods, the juice that we will present in this article is a real nutritious bomb. Indeed, it brings to the body a great wealth of vitamins (A, B, C, E, K) and minerals (calcium, potassium, zinc, magnesium ...), essential for the proper functioning of its organs, as well as polyphenols powerful antioxidant action, which fight against oxidative stress and promote the elimination of toxins. How to prepare it?

Recipe for a juice made from beetroot, apple and carrot:

  • 1 carrot
  • 1 green apple
  • 1 beetroot
  • 150 ml of water
  • Ice cubes


Above all, try to choose vegetables and fruits of equivalent size, so that your juice is well balanced. Then soak them in the mixture of water and baking soda for 5 minutes to rid them of pesticide residues, before rinsing and cutting into pieces, without peeling them. Pour the pieces into a blender, add the water and ice cubes - if you want to drink your fresh juice - and mix everything until you get a smooth texture. Your juice is ready!

Consumed every morning, 30 minutes before breakfast, this 100% natural juice gives you a good dose of nutrients to start your day, increases your energy level, boosts your cognitive performance and protects you against several health problems.

The health benefits of this beet juice, apple and carrot:

It helps prevent cancer:

Thanks to its high content of antioxidants, this juice can neutralize free radicals that attack the cells of different organs, damaging their DNA and promoting their mutation in cancer cells.

It improves the quality of the skin:

By promoting the elimination of toxins and fighting the oxidative stress of cells, this juice reduces the inflammatory state in the body, thus fighting against the appearance of pimples and blackheads and slowing the aging of the skin. Result: a healthier skin and a brighter complexion.

It protects the organs of the body:

Rich in nutrients and polyphenols, this juice boosts the functioning of the body's internal organs and protects them against the onslaught of free radicals.

It boosts the functioning of the digestive system:

This apple, beetroot and carrot mixture is excellent for digestion. In addition to facilitating intestinal transit and thus fighting constipation, it also protects the lining of the stomach and prevents ulcers.

It stimulates brain function:

By providing the brain with a significant amount of nutrients and antioxidants, this juice boosts brain function, improves memory, and improves cognitive performance.

It improves the vision:

Containing a significant amount of provitamin and vitamin A, this juice helps improve vision and preserve eye health. It is therefore ideal for people who suffer from fatigue or eye irritation, or who spend long hours in front of their computer.

It acts as a liver protector:

By promoting the elimination of toxins and waste accumulated in the body, and by stimulating the production of red blood cells thanks to its iron content, this juice helps detoxify the liver and protect it.

It preserves cardiovascular health:

Beta-carotenes and lutein in carrots and beetroot are very effective at lowering blood cholesterol, which prevents plaque build-up on the artery walls and reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease.

It relieves cramps and pains:

This juice also relieves cramps and menstrual pain and reduces muscle pain experienced after intense physical exertion.