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She Was Found In An Abandoned House As A Baby—10 Years Later, She’s Unrecognizable

She Was Found In An Abandoned House As A Baby—10 Years Later, She’s Unrecognizable

She Was Found In An Abandoned House As A Baby

About 500 to 600 children are abandoned each year. Children left to fend for themselves by parents fleeing responsibility, or too young to take care of them.

But the most horrible is the way in which some babies are abandoned, an inhuman and irresponsible act towards helpless beings. However, as these children grow up, the trauma of being abandoned by their parents is not easy to overcome, however, some of them can make a new start in life by being adopted. departure that can be incredible as evidenced by this amazing story!

This happened in Russia, more than ten years ago, something terrible happened in the city of Yaroslavl, a fact that will remain in the minds for a long time.

One day, a man heard a baby crying in a nearby house, and without paying much attention, he went about his business. After a few days, he noticed that the baby continued to cry inconsolably, even though there was no sign of life in the house, and there were never lights on.

The neighbors started to worry and called the police. When the police entered the house, it was abandoned and empty, people who had lived there before had taken all their belongings, cleaned the house and disappeared.

The only thing left in the house was their own little baby. She was a one-year-old girl, and she was found on a dirty, cold floor. She had been alone for several days.

The authorities investigated more deeply and discovered that the baby's name was Liza Verbitskaya, although her parents could not be found and no one knew where they were.

Little Liza was taken to a doctor and she stayed in the hospital for several days to recover from this difficult ordeal.

While she was at the hospital, there was a woman named Inna Nika, she was there to look after her sick son, and she was around him all day and night.

Inna, a woman with a big heart

One day, Inna heard a child scream in the next hospital room. Preoccupied, she looked inside the room to see what was happening. Little Liza was in the room, and Inna felt a direct maternal attraction towards this little girl.

From that day, Inna would visit Liza every day and come with clothes, food and toys.

But one day, while visiting Liza, Inna did not find her. She knew that Liza was better, so she was taken out of the hospital and placed in an orphanage.
Inna did not feel well; Little Liza was missing. She wanted so much to find her so much that she made the decision to look for her.

When she found her, she knew at that moment that she wanted to keep her always with her. She then decided to start the adoption process, then Liza was allowed to live with Inna and her family.
Inna was more determined than ever to give this little girl the tenderness and love she always needed.

The ascent of Liza

Liza had dark skin unlike her siblings and she saw herself as different from them, which was not easy at first. But Inna always told him never to listen to the jealous words of others.

As Liza grew up, Inna enrolled her in a dance school, she hoped she would become more fulfilled and that it would get her out of her shell.

Liza, now a teenager, has won several beauty contests, several talent shows, and worked for the first time as a model. A great contrast between the way her life started and where she came now!

Her modeling career and incredible story made her a Russian celebrity, so much so that her biological mother heard about her and wanted to contact her. But Liza did not want any contact with a mother who abandoned her as a baby.

A very beautiful story that shows that the love of a mother, even adoptive, can change the course of the life of a child. Indeed, Liza's life has totally changed thanks to Inna, a brave woman with a big heart. If this story touched you feel free to share it with your friends!