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That's What Men Hate Most About Women

That's What Men Hate Most About Women

When it comes to seducing men, women have their little secrets. But in an effort to impress the opposite gender, some women do things that men do not like at all thinking of being able to attract them, but that could have opposite effects. And this can be worse if they do not realize it. Whether putting on too much makeup, showing excessive self-confidence or having poor personal hygiene, here are some things that men find unattractive to a woman.

9 things that men do not find attractive in a woman

Put on too much makeup

Some women like to get too much makeup. The idea behind is not to please men, but they do it for their own satisfaction. But in truth, men find it unattractive, and in general, they do not want to see a woman too makeup. Men prefer simple, natural women instead. So ladies, avoid using a lot of makeup every time, make-up is one thing and decorated like a Christmas tree is another.

Bad personal hygiene

Body hygiene is something everyone should take seriously. When you neglect your hygiene, you risk repelling the opposite gender, and that will not help you in terms of seduction. Men really like women who take great care of their hygiene and cleanliness.

To be arrogant

When women forget the difference between being proud and arrogant, they create problems. Of course, you should be proud of your achievements and accomplishments, but what men hate is to bring them to the level of arrogance.

When women fail to lead the conversation

Normally, women are proud to lead the conversation and keep it for hours, but if a long conversation is not your cup of tea, you are in trouble. It is rare for a man to prefer a woman who likes small talk. And not to enter healthy and interesting conversations ends up disinterested men.

Criticize your Ex

In general, men do not like when a woman talks about her Ex. We know that women have expectations and compare their ex with their current spouse. But criticizing your ex all the time when you are with your new partner makes you unappealing. It also shows your bad habit of criticizing and being still attached to the past.

Make a drama of everything

Most men find it annoying when a woman creates a drama and keeps talking about it. The negative atmosphere weighs heavily on a man. To worry about everything and to constantly harass makes men flee. Usually, they want to be with someone who can make them forget all the worries of life and take things lightly. Whatever you do, do not make a mountain a molehill.

To be too demanding

Being too demanding makes a woman unappealing to a man's eyes. When you are in a relationship, it is quite normal for your man to pay attention to your requests. Consider your man's mood and remind him / her if you need something or service in a simple and easy way.

Do not listen

You must understand that claiming to know everything and not listening to others does not make you more attractive. Respect for others also means listening to what they have to say. In fact, men in general need to feel that you need them, it's their protective moment. Your man needs to feel the man in the relationship. So, if you are that kind of woman who does not listen to anyone and who is self-sufficient, your man is not likely to fight with you.

Bad character

Nobody likes a woman who loses her temper when it comes to critical situations and starts screaming and abusing people. While a woman who stays calm and tries to find solutions with her man is much more attractive.

We all have our faults and failings, women and men, the important thing is to become aware of it and to question ourselves, to adopt the idea that we can always be better people and to improve ourselves, for ourselves. same before doing it for others.