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The Best Marriage Tips From A Divorced Woman

The Best Marriage Tips From A Divorced Woman

The Best Marriage Tips From A Divorced Woman

Marriage is a sacred union that must be preserved. But it is sometimes difficult for one reason or another, to stay in a couple and it flies then shattered and divorce.

Every year in France, one in 100 couples divorce according to INSEE, the national institute of statistics and economic studies. This alarming figure could probably be lowered if we could avoid making some mistakes that we do not pay attention to.

This situation was experienced by a divorced woman who gives us in this article her testimony. She shares some of the advice that she would have liked to receive before her marriage in order to preserve it.

A marriage and divorce 7 years later

This woman, divorced after 7 years of marriage, specifies that the success of a couple depends on the man and the woman. Following her not very successful experience, she gives us some key tips for a successful marriage.

1- Be present Give your partner time and attention when he / she needs it.

2- Make yourself beautiful for him. Paying attention to your body and your appearance for your partner shows your interest in it.

3- Find the best he has in him. Never focus on the defects, focus on all its qualities and the things that appeal to you most at home.

4- Give priority to your intimate relationship life give time to your private moments. They strengthen the couple, increase the bond of attachment and help reduce stress. Make love and do not deprive yourself of it, it heals many wounds that we risk to inflict ourselves in a marriage.

5- Regularly give him compliments by telling him how much you appreciate him.

6- Ask for advice from women in your family or friends who have been married for several years and never make decisions because of anger.

7- Let him out and give him some space. He does not ignore you, but he needs to spend time with his friends or alone.

8- Do not try to change him. It is not your responsibility to do so, accept him as he is.

9- Allow your husband to love you in his own way instead of comparing his expression of love to your ideal. If you continue to compare, you can miss the most beautiful moments of tenderness with your darling.

10- Let him relax, when he has just returned from his work.

11- Love him the way he needs, not the one you need. Discover your different languages of love and be sensitive and ready to show him that you love him in the way he understands best.

12- Be vulnerable and do not be afraid to share your fears and feelings with him. Men need to express their protective side with their partner, so do not deprive them of it.

13 -Recognize your mistakes. Apologize when you have to do it and do not be arrogant.

14- Find hobbies, goals and common dreams. Never stop growing together. Laugh a lot. Fall in love again and again.

15- Do not let the subject of money cause you problems in your relationship.

16- Forgiveness. Do not be spiteful towards him, have a sense of forgiveness. Forgiveness is good for the person who receives it but first releases the person who allows it.

17- Never underestimate the power of simply touching each other. Sometimes the touch says more than the words