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The Parents Kill Their 7 Year Old Son, So The Doctor Finds A Message In The Boy's Hand That Breaks The Heart

The Parents Kill Their 7 Year Old Son, So The Doctor Finds A Message In The Boy's Hand That Breaks The Heart

 Doctor Finds A Message In The Boy's Hand That Breaks The Heart

Child abuse includes all acts of violence and neglect towards any child under 18 years of age. It refers to all forms of physical and emotional abuse, or commercial exploitation that is harmful to the life, health, development and dignity of the child.

Unfortunately, many children around the world suffer from abuse. Moreover, 600 to 700 deaths of children per year in united states are due to the mistreatment of parents. And the story that we are going to present you today, testifies to the seriousness of this inhuman treatment!

This is the story of a boy with a big heart, but ultimately it's not just about him. It is more millions of other children, living the same nightmare around the world.

Parents kill their 7 year old son

A child in distress

This little boy is named Ivan, he is 7 years old, and he is Russian. He loves his mother and father very much, but he is very afraid of them because they often hit him for no reason.

Ivan is a good student and his teacher likes him. He also loves his classmates, but he has no friends. Nobody wants to play with him, he is always rejected and treated as "ugly". At times, he was even beaten by his classmates on his way home from school.

The boy's notes were getting worse and worse, and his parents were still beating him violently every time he had a bad grade.

Parents kill their 7 year old son

His biggest dream

One day at school, the teacher asked the students to draw their biggest dream. All the children drew cars, rockets and beautiful dolls. But that was not the case with Ivan, although he liked those things too, what he wanted most was a loving mother and father. So he drew a family. A mom, a dad, and their son.

Parents kill their 7 year old son

When it was Ivan's turn to show his drawing, everyone was laughing at him. He stood in front of the class and explained: "My biggest dream is a family".

The laughter intensified. He started crying and said, "Please do not make fun of me, it's my biggest dream! I want parents like you, who hug and laugh with me, who come after school and are happy to see me. I know I'm ugly and weak, but do not make fun of me. The mistress wiped Ivan's tears, some children understood, but many continued to laugh.

The tragedy of a child

Another day, after having a bad grade on a test, Ivan knew that his mother was going to be angry at him, he was afraid to go home. Upon arrival, his mother catches him and throws him on the ground, then hits him on the head, Ivan was in pain, he could not get up. At that moment, his father came back, he took it, shook it and hit him in the face until he lost consciousness.

Ivan woke up in a hospital, he looked out the window and saw children playing with their parents, it was painful for him, he did not know what it was a mother's hug, his parents beat him, despite that he really loved them.

The doctor told him that his parents would probably come back the next day, but they did not come back, he waited a lot, but no one came to see him.

Two days later, Ivan dies of his wounds. In his hand the doctors found a letter difficult to read.

"Dear mom and dad, I'm terrified because I'm ugly, disgusting and stupid, I'm sorry because you can not love me. I never wanted to annoy you. All I wanted was to hug and kiss, and hear you love me. Dad, I just wanted you to play with me, hold your hand for a walk or sing for me. I know that I am a shame for you. But I will not be anymore. "

All children have the right to be loved. Child abuse occurs every second, every minute, every hour and every day. A child's home should be free from violence and a safe place. Children need love, tenderness and closeness, and a hug can sometimes be worth more than we can imagine. Share this article to make more people aware of child abuse!