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The Surprising Uses Of Talc That You Did Not Know, It Will Change Your Life

The Surprising Uses Of Talc That You Did Not Know, It Will Change Your Life

Surprising Uses Of Talc That You Did Not Know

Talcum is a commonly used and globally known product. Yet it is harmful to health, since according to a study published in the New York Times, this baby powder increases the risk of cancer of the ovaries and that of the lungs. However, He can help you in different situations. Discover some surprising uses of this product.

Talc is essentially composed of magnesium silicon. It exists in 2 types. Natural talc from natural sources harvested in deposits and synthetic, made by Man. It is this type of talc which is the most used in the field of cosmetics. It is also found in baby powder and certain medications that should be avoided. However, some surprising uses of this product are recommended. Let's find them.

The 8 ways to use talc in your daily life, which you still do not know:

1-Remove the ants: Talc like chalk, can be used to prevent ants. Start by locating the access point and sprinkle talcum powder under your doors and in sensitive areas to keep ants away from your home.

2-Untangle the knots: If you have tangled necklaces, the talc reduces the friction of the strands between them, which makes it easy to undo the knots. Sprinkle a small amount of talc on the knot to make it much easier to disentangle with a needle. If you have made a knot too tight to your shoes, or to a garment, the talc is taking care of the problem. Apply it on the node, and try again a second time. You will see that the knot unravels much more easily.

3-Revive playing cards: There are times when playing cards become a little too difficult to slip and horribly dirty!

The good trick to apply is to put them in a plastic bag by adding talc. Shake and then wipe them thoroughly. You will be surprised to see that the cards are smoother to the touch and will not hang on to the next game.

4-Stop the creaking of the floor: The creaking of the floor can come from a too dry wood. To eliminate them, it is necessary to apply talc on the joints of your Office of Public Prosecutor and the steps of staircase, and finished the small felted steps and the creaking of the parquet floor!

5-Clean his fur with talc: The fur is very delicate. Thus, its cleaning requires special attention. To avoid damaging the condition of the fur, simply sprinkle with talcum powder and leave overnight. The next day, shake the fur to remove the powder. Remember to brush the fur in the direction of the hair to avoid damaging with a soft brush.

6-Facilitate the opening and closing of windows: Your windows get stuck because of cold and damp, and you have no ideas to remedy this problem? It's simple, sprinkle the edges of the windows and they will resume service. Same thing with the drawers that get stuck and the doors creak.

7-Degreasing the stains: If you have made a stain of oil on the carpet or on your clothes, sprinkle the affected part of talc and let act 1h. The powder will absorb the fat and make the stain disappear. Then remove the powder with a brush or a dry cloth.

8-Making Sealed Plugs: The more time you spend, the more the sink or sink stoppers tend to deteriorate. To make them waterproof again, simply immerse them in acetone for ten minutes and then sprinkle with talc.

Let it air dry without rubbing or polishing.
Once dry, the caps will have resumed all their tightness.