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10 Things About Women That You Do Not Know

10 Things About Women That You Do Not Know

10 Things About Women That You Do Not Know

Women are complex and fantastic creatures at the same time, they are strong, benevolent, beautiful, beating and determined. But there are things you do not know about women and they themselves do not know. Here are incredible facts about women you probably did not know. Explanations.

In the last century, women have fought for the right to vote, divorce and more, currently they continue to fight for gender equality on different levels. Being a woman is an incredible experience but this beautiful creature continues to hide full of surprises that many people do not know.

Here are 10 incredible facts about women that are important to know:

1. United

Anna Eleanor Roosevelt was not only an American politician, but she was also the oldest First Lady of the United States.

In her time, women were not considered fit to work in the news as journalists. They were only allowed to suggest columns on domestic subjects. That was until Eleanor Roosevelt decided to do something about it.

The First Lady refused to be interviewed by male journalists. This forced the newspapers to hire women editors.

2. Dreams

According to the research, women tend to have more nightmares and emotional dreams than men.

Scientists have not yet discovered the reason behind this strange phenomenon, but they think it might be related to female hormones.

3. Life expectancy

Women tend to live longer than most men. It is estimated that in the world, the average life expectancy of a woman is 79.8 years while that of men is 74.8 years. These figures increase to 85.6 for women versus 80 for men.

According to the Imperial College School of Medicine, this can be explained by the fact that women have a stronger immune system that keeps them in good health longer.

Researchers also believe that women produce more white blood cells than men (who fight infections), even if they are the same age.

4. Cardiac frequency

A woman's heart is smaller than a man's, meaning that it beats faster to make up for the difference in size.

The heart of a woman usually weighs about 220 grams compared to that of a man who usually weighs 280 grams. Women's hearts beat much faster than men's, 8 more beats per minute.

5. On the tip of the toes

High heels are often reserved for women, but they were originally designed for men.

High heels are first worn by Persian warriors to help keep their feet in the saddle while riding a horse.

This trend quickly turned into a fashion phenomenon and women began to wear high-heeled shoes. Louis XIV, the Sun King was known for wearing a pair of high-heeled shoes and he also had long hair falling on his shoulders.

6. Pioneer of programming

One of the world's first computer programmers was a woman named Ada Lovelace. She is known for her work on Charles Babbage's computer proposal. She wrote the first algorithm that had already been carried by a machine.

7. Talkative 

Women can be quite talkative even a lot. Women say an average of 20,000 words a day, while men speak only 13,000 words a day.

Recent research suggests that this is because the female brain has a higher level of concentration thanks to a protein called FOXP2. This explains why girls learn language faster than young boys.

8. Face care

In ancient Rome, women used to apply sweat and dirt to the skin that had been taken from the faces of gladiators. They thought it would help a pretty complexion and make them more attractive.

9. The trickery

According to the studies, women are less likely to cheat on their partner. A recent study showed that 68% of women would have an affair if they knew they were not going to be caught in the act.

Although this figure is still high, it is lower than the 78% of men who confirmed that they would have an affair if they knew they would get away with it.

10. Bathroom break

It is common for women to go back and forth to the bathroom every day. This is because they have smaller bladders than men, but it is far from a coincidence, it is to leave more room for the uterus.

These 10 things will help you to know more about the woman, this being at once mysterious and attractive, talkative and creative. But it's not over the woman will continue to dazzle the world with all the awesome things she has in it.