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This Man Died Stupidly Because Of A Common Bad Habit That Many People Are Doing! Do You Too?

This Man Died Stupidly Because Of A Common Bad Habit That Many People Are Doing! Do You Too?

This Man Died Stupidly Because Of A Bad Habit That Many People Have! Do You Too?

The loss of a loved one is a particularly traumatic episode of life. Whether it's a partner, a child, a family member or a friend, grieving is always hard to deal with especially when the cause of death is disconcerting.

Indeed, because of a bad habit, this man lost his life. This tragic story allows us to reflect on our own behaviors and actions. Do you make the same mistake? To find out, here's what happened to Richard Bull and what to remember ...

The tragic story of Richard Bull

bad habit

Richard Bull, a 32-year-old man living in Ealing, West London, died from electrocution while loading his iPhone and using it while bathing. His wife found him inert in the bathtub with the body severely injured with burns in his chest, arm and hand.

After an investigation by West London Coroner's Court, the verdict declared his death to be an accidental death on December 11th. The conclusion of the investigation indicates that he would have used an extension cord from the hallway to the bathroom to charge him and that he would have placed the mobile phone on his chest. When the latter came into contact with the water, Richard was electrocuted.

bad habit

Forensic Pathologist Dr. Sean Cummings says the devices seem harmless, but can be as dangerous as a hair dryer in a bathroom. He added that it is necessary that warnings be attached to these electronic devices and that he intends to write a report to the manufacturer of the telephone in question.

bad habit

Richard's mother told a British newspaper, The Sun, that she was worried about people who regularly use their smartphone and especially teenagers, who are generally addicted to their mobiles. She says she does not know how dangerous these electronic devices are, but that she hopes her son's tragedy can alert smartphone users.

bad habit

The addiction to smartphones

Indeed, with the arrival of the smartphone in our lives, our way of acting daily has changed particularly and our reflexes become more and more dangerous. This phone revolution allowing us to interact with people all over the world, to be entertained and to be permanently connected to our social networks has taken such a big place in our way of life that most users can no longer to pass.

Exacerbating the flaws of each and moving away from each other rather than closer to each other, the misuse of the smartphone generates dependence, even addiction and dangerous behavior.

The impact is at first psychological because this addiction can be explained by deep boredom, narcissism, frustration with reality or an emotional lack leading to severe depression and psychological disorders. Then it affects our health and especially our brain function. Our efficiency and our ability to concentrate are put to the test as we are challenged by an intense flow of information and data. In addition, our smartphone allowing us to perform tasks that we did in a mental way, such as calculating or memorizing a number or a date, greatly reduces our skills. But that's not all, our poor use of the mobile phone degrades the quality of our sleep which promotes anxiety, stress and various conditions.

Beyond the individual consequences, this addiction to mobile phones creates an intergenerational conflict. Grandparents and parents are overwhelmed and they do not necessarily understand this addiction that children and adolescents have. Indeed, 18-24 year olds are among the biggest users of smartphones and their personal development is often disturbed by this new extension of their hand.

Think about reducing the use of your mobile phone to avoid these complications. In addition, think carefully about how you use it, leaving it under your pillow while you sleep or storing it in your trouser pocket for example, as this can increase the risk of suffering from household accidents as well as serious diseases like cancer.