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This Woman Learns That She Is Expecting Twins - 11 Weeks Later, The Doctor Announces A Shocking News

This Woman Learns That She Is Expecting Twins - 11 Weeks Later, The Doctor Announces A Shocking News

Woman Learns That She Is Expecting Twins - 11 Weeks Later, The Doctor Announces A Shocking News

Pregnancy is a unique period in a woman's life because she combines physical transformations and psychological evolution. Far from the idealized image of fullness that pregnancy brings, a pregnant woman must face exacerbated emotions, unusual fantasies and questions, especially when she is expecting twins.

Indeed, the fear and worry that arise from pregnancy are doubled, as well as future care and disorders that can affect babies. This double concern is the daily life of this young woman, pregnant with twins, who had to face terrible news from her doctor. Here is his story ...

The heartbreaking story of Heather and Riley

Shortly after her wedding, Heather found out she was pregnant. Delighted with the news, Heather and her husband, Riley, had the joy of waiting, not a child but two.

However, their joy turned into anxiety after 11 weeks of pregnancy. Indeed, Heather's doctor told her she was pregnant with Siamese twins.

Therefore, at the time of delivery, in June 2016, the doctors had to be extremely vigilant because the heads of the twins had formed jointly.

Heather and Riley spent a lot of time in the hospital during pregnancy and after the birth of the twins to look after them. The twin sisters, Erin and Abby, had to remain under constant surveillance at the hospital to receive the necessary care.

Of course, young parents were expecting another way of life after their daughters arrived. Still, they adapted to the situation, Heather left to live in the hospital while Riley visited his wife and children regularly. They hoped only one thing, that their daughters could be in good health.

So, in order to provide the best possible living conditions for Erin and Abby, the doctors performed several surgical procedures, for several months, as part of the separation process.

The last operation was by far the most difficult because for 11 hours, a team of 30 people broke down to successfully separate the babies. The operation involved many risks, including the possibility of one of the girls dying. Fortunately, it was a success and the girls were able to grow and develop separately. Here are pictures of the medical team and the family and the trials they went through together:

Siamese children

During a pregnancy, it is possible to discover the presence of Siamese children through the first trimester with the ultrasound technique.

Siamese sisters or siblings are twins born of a monozygotic pregnancy, that is to say that both embryos come from the same egg but the separation in two of the fertilized egg has not completely completed. The two fetuses will then develop while remaining fused to each other. This malformation therefore appears in fetuses that have developed in a single pocket of amniotic fluid in utero. Later, if the twins are viable, the delivery will be done by caesarean section and a surgical separation can be performed; if no vital organ is fused. When the union concerns the brain and the heart, the operation becomes risky because the blood vessels of the latter irrigate the body of the two babies.

Various malformations are possible during pregnancy, but Siamese children are rare cases. Siamese twins are 90% mostly girls. However, the survival chances of Siamese, during the first 24 hours to the first years, are low.