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The 5 Types Of Men Most Likely To Cheat

In a romantic relationship, one of the main rules to preserve his couple and make it last is the fidelity .. However, some men have a ...

The 5 Types Of Men Most Likely To Cheat

In a romantic relationship, one of the main rules to preserve his couple and make it last is the fidelity .. However, some men have a little trouble to keep it stand. To help you ladies make the right choice and avoid a heartache, here are the 5 types of love most likely to cheat, and therefore to flee like the plague!

Committed to a whim or the combination of hurtful gestures or words within a couple, infidelity is generally considered an unforgivable mistake that leads to separation and the end of romantic relationships. A survey conducted by the Institute of Public Opinion (IFOP) for an extramarital dating site, reveals that one in two men and one in three women have already been unfaithful.

In what follows, you will find the 5 types of men most likely to cheat in a romantic relationship. Ladies, take note!

The 5 types of men most likely to cheat:

1. The Play boy

This is the type of man you have ever met one day. He has a lot of girl friends and does not seem bothered by the fact that they send him messages at 2am. He is a real womanizer: he can not help flirting with all members of the female, does not stop admiring the photos of models in light dress and is always looking for new conquests. One thing is certain, you will not be able to change it. So save yourself the effort and frustration that will follow!

2. A serial cheater

This is the kind of man whose every relationship shines because of his unfaithfulness. He collects the mistresses and does everything for his partner of the moment does not know anything. He is the type to hide a second mobile phone and to invent incredible stories, which he will convince you. He is able to be emotionally intelligent. The goal is that he can go to another woman without making you doubt something. Stay vigilant ladies, otherwise you may be shocked one day.

3. The unfaithful bored

This type of man is just caught up in boredom. Whether it's because of you or the daily routine, if an opportunity presents itself to him, he will not let it go at all. However, he is very likely to regret his act later and to seek forgiveness. Unlike the previous type, he is usually a man with a unique infidelity.

4. The powerful and influential man

This guy is the representation of the movie heroes. Beautiful, charismatic, with a strong personality and a well-stocked bank account, women fall at his feet without having to make the effort to seduce them. Unfortunately, the success he enjoys with women makes him believe that everything is allowed and that it is natural and his right to cheat his partner. Do not be fooled and do not allow him to count you among his innumerable adventures!

5. Whoever married you to save his image

Some men do not hesitate to use women to achieve their ends. He may therefore ask to marry a woman just to have someone who will give her children or take care of her home, or for more complex reasons, such as being economically tied to her family. He does not hesitate to seek love and pleasure in the arms of other women than his companion. So, before saying "yes" to your suitor, be sure of his intentions and feelings towards you.