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That's Why Women Need More Sleep Than Men, According To Science

That's Why Women Need More Sleep Than Men, According To Science

Why Women Need More Sleep Than Men, According To Science

According to a Breton proverb: "sleep is half of health" that explains everything. It's true that everyone has their own sleep pattern, with their schedules and their little habits, but we all need to balance our sleep to improve our well-being and health.

Indeed, when the lack of sleep accumulates, the risk of pathologies increases as insomnia, restless legs syndrome ... etc.

Sleep and its phases

Sleep is divided into 3 cycles, about 90 minutes each:

Slow, light sleep is about half of our sleep time: It's the transition from waking to deep sleep. At this point, the brain slows down and the muscles relax. During this phase, a very slight noise can wake us up.

Deep Slow Sleep covers almost a quarter of sleep time: This is the time when the brain, heart rate and breathing slow down deeply, where the body temperature drops, muscles relax completely and where our body is gets to work, making hormones. It is during this very important phase that the body really rests and recuperates from physical fatigue.

The paradoxical sleep, it is the one during which one dreams: the movements of the eyes are very fast, as for the respiration and the heart rate, they are very irregular.

Importance of sleep in women according to science

Scientific studies have confirmed that women need more sleep than men. Professor Jim Horne, Director of Sleep Research Center at Loughborough University, emphasizes the importance of sleep.

His book, Sleepfaring: A Journey through the Science of Sleep, is a journey through the science of sleep, in which he presents an interesting explanation of the need for sleep in a woman compared to the need for brain rest in men in general.

One of the main functions of sleep is to allow the brain to reset itself and regenerate the cells of our body (that is, it creates new cells to replace those that are dead).

It is because the brains of women are designed differently, from that of men and therefore more complex, that their need for sleep will be slightly greater. The average is 20 minutes longer. In his view, lack of sleep in women has been associated with high levels of psychological stress and depression, anger and hostility.

Women must sleep more than 8 hours a day

We know that the average sleep time for an adult is 7 to 8 hours. It is therefore strongly recommended to sleep at least 8 hours to allow the body to function optimally.

Why the brain of women is more complex?

As we know, women are used to thinking of many things at the same time. They are multitasking and expose their brain to various activities. That means they need more time to recover, and sleep is the best way to do it.

What happens when a man is tired?

Professor Horne explained that the man who does an exhausting job that involves making decisions needs more sleep than others, although not as much as a woman.

How to improve the quality of your sleep:

There are several tips to adopt for a good night's sleep, here are some of them:

Know how to recognize the signs of fatigue

When you stop yawning and feel that your eyelids are heavy, and you stretch, immediately go to bed. Do not miss this moment when your body gives you the signal to sleep.

Avoid taking medication or stimulants:

Some drugs or foods act as stimulants (coffee, tea, chocolate, sugar, etc.), they should be banned before going to bed. All of these products impair the quality of sleep and prevent you from sleeping.

Practice a sport, meditation and yoga:

Regular practice of a sport (at least 3 times a week), is excellent for sleep. It is an antidepressant that calms anxieties.

Organize your sleep and put yourself in favorable conditions:

A comfortable bed, a soft atmosphere, a temperature that does not exceed 19 °, no television in the room, all this will facilitate the task, and you will have installed an excellent sleep routine.


Melatonin is the sleep hormone. It is produced by the brain only in the dark and reaches its maximum level at 2 am. When one is exposed to the light and especially to the blue light of phones and computers, its production is slowed down or stopped. So, if you want to have a restful sleep, turn off the lights and set aside your mobile phone or tablet.