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Everyone Is Talking About It: 15 Easy Tips With Baking Soda To Know.

Everyone Is Talking About It: 15 Easy Tips With Baking Soda To Know.

15 Easy Tips With Baking Soda To Know

An economical, ecological white powder, able to clean, disinfect, give brightness and whiteness to the teeth and fight against various diseases and diseases. You think she does not exist? Well though, and it's called baking soda.

Baking soda is a magic powder; it can be used in beauty treatments, as a cure for various diseases or as a home care product. In this article, you will learn the 15 most popular tips for effectively using baking soda.

You probably have baking soda at home. But do you use it only for cooking? If this is the case, be aware that you can use this versatile and inexpensive ingredient for many purposes, such as relieving heartburn symptoms or for your personal hygiene. Moreover, among the products that should always be at hand, baking soda should be first on the list.

Baking soda is a universal and widely available product that will make your life a lot easier. It can be used as an alternative to cleaning products that are so harmful to your health and pollute the environment.

15 tips for using baking soda

1. Natural deodorant

It is a very effective deodorant to eliminate bad odors of perspiration. Just apply after the shower, when the skin is slightly wet.

2. Insect bites

It will relieve irritation after an insect bite. Just make a paste by mixing three doses of baking soda with a dose of water Hamamelis, then apply it on the place of the bite.

3. Heartburn

Baking soda neutralizes the hydrochloric acid in the stomach to convert it into sodium chloride. This will relieve your heartburn.

4. A scrub

For combination and oily skin. Baking soda can fight skin blemishes like blackheads, tarnished skin and even reduce wrinkles. Simply mix two doses of baking soda for a dose of water. To apply on the affected areas of the face.

5. Hair growth

The baking soda will clean your hair of the residues of other hair products and chlorine, and will leave them healthy. It can increase hair growth. To make a shampoo, just mix 3 doses of baking soda with a dose of water. If your hair is colored or highlighted, avoid the use of baking soda because it eliminates the effect of coloring and brighten hair.

6. Stretch marks

You can use a baking soda paste as a powerful exfoliant for stretch marks, that will reduce them tremendously.

7. Bad breath

Brushing your tongue and teeth with baking soda, is a very effective solution to help you fight your bad breath problem. Provided not to exceed twice a week because baking soda is abrasive for dental enamel.

8. Rough skin

Mix olive oil with baking soda in equal parts, then put on your feet and leave on for 10 minutes. Then rub with a pumice stone. Calluses and dead skin will be quickly eliminated and you will forget the rough skin of your feet.

9. Eliminate stains

Baking soda can remove stains. Just make a paste with water and pass it on the surfaces to be cleaned. And for the laundry, soak it in a bath of warm water with a little baking soda, then wash it as usual.

10. Frost smell

It eliminates the unpleasant smell in your refrigerator. It's simple, put a small container of water containing 3 spoons of baking soda in a shelf of your refrigerator, and repeat the same operation every week.

11. Clean the jewels

Thanks to the abrasive effect of baking soda, it is able to restore your jewelry shine of yesteryear. Put some baking soda on a damp microfiber and gently rub your jewelry.

12. Treat abscesses

Baking soda is very effective as an abscess treatment. Mix 1 teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of water and then gargle your mouth with this mixture while waiting to consult your dentist.

13. Sunburn

Soothe the burned skin with baking soda. Put 1 tablespoon of this product in 250 ml of warm water and soak compresses, then apply them directly on burns.

14. Facilitates cooking of chickpeas and beans
Add a little baking soda in the water with the dried vegetables such as chickpeas and beans to cook them faster.

15. White teeth

Brush your teeth gently with baking soda, this will effectively polish the enamel and make the teeth white. Moreover, baking soda is one of the ingredients of many toothpastes. Use only once or twice a week to avoid damaging the enamel.

Warnings :

For fabric cleaning, it is not recommended to use baking soda on wool and silk.
Do not use baking soda to clean aluminum tools because of its abrasive effect.