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A 12-Year-Old Girl Kidnapped And Beaten By Men - Then Lions Surround Her And Make The Unthinkable

A 12-Year-Old Girl Kidnapped And Beaten By Men - Then Lions Surround Her And Make The Unthinkable

A 12-year-old Girl Kidnapped And Beaten By Men - Then Lions Surround Her And Make The Unthinkable

Despite the progress that has been made in the human rights world today, there are still areas where they are not respected and enforced at all, especially when it comes to women and children. Indeed, they sometimes live in precarious situations where violence, abuse and submission are now part of everyday life. In Ethiopia, for example, young girls are abducted and forced to marry older men, as was the case of the 12-year-old girl, who was kidnapped and beaten by seven men until lions arose. for helping him. Find out what happened!

When animals have more heart than humans

This story is happening in Ethiopia where, as mentioned above, only the rule of the strongest is applied. Women and girls live every day in fear of being kidnapped, abused and forced to marry men they do not know and who are generally much older.

Among the many victims of these despicable acts, a 12-year-old girl who, in the fall of 2015, was abducted by 7 men who wanted to force her, through violence, to marry one of them . But the perpetrators were far from imagining what would happen next.

After taking the girl to the forest, the kidnappers began to force her to give her consent, but three lions who attended the scene came to the aid of the young victim. As they approached, the 7 men had no choice but to take their legs to their necks to avoid being slaughtered, and the three animals surrounded the girl to protect her.

Meanwhile, the police were conducting intensive searches to try to find her. After much effort, they finally managed to locate it. When they went to the place where she was, they could not believe their eyes: the girl was sitting quietly between her three protectors. After scared and chased away the kidnappers, the three lions stayed with her for half a day. When the police arrived, they simply got up and disappeared into the wild.

According to Sergeant Wondimu Wedjao in an interview with NBC News, "The lions' intervention probably saved the girl's life, because in Ethiopia, it's not uncommon to see girls raped and cruelly beaten until they agree to get married. "

This story astonished the whole world, since lions are known to be ferocious predators that would normally have been a mouthful of the little one. What led them to act contrary to their nature?

According to Stuart Williams, an expert on wild animals, the girl's moans would look like lion cub cries, which would explain why adult lions did not hurt her.

After this terrible incident, the girl was admitted to the hospital to have her wounds treated, but the psychological shock she received and the fear she experienced during her abduction will require much more time to be forgotten. As for the kidnappers, four of them were arrested, pending confirmation of the arrest of the other three.

Even though they have a less developed brain and perform less than that of men, animals sometimes surprise us by their unusual behavior, and the example of these three lions is the perfect illustration. Their protective instinct took over, they went to the rescue of the girl who was under the influence of human monsters. Seeing this is to wonder who really deserves to be called "wild"!