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A 42-Year-Old Woman Is Pregnant With Triplets. But What Comes Out Of Her Womb Surprised The Doctor

A 42-Year-Old Woman Is Pregnant With Triplets. But What Comes Out Of Her Womb Surprised The Doctor

A 42-Year-Old Woman Is Pregnant With Triplets. But What Comes Out Of Her Womb Surprised The Doctor

Waiting for a child is, and always will be, one of the most wonderful things that can happen in a couple's life, but having one at a time is more for parents who are split between euphoria and surprise, a special situation in many ways.

Multiple births

Although this is a real case, the fact remains that it is a rare phenomenon to have 3 babies at once, only one. Statistics show that the number of triplet births is around 200 each year, while twin births reach the 8,000 mark annually.

Those where the newborns exceed the number of three, remain definitely exceptional. For example, the probability of birth of quadruplets or quintuplets is only one in 41 million. Some fertility treatments may help to increase the chances of multiple births.

But they do not all come from the natural ways, this phenomenon can be in this case favored by certain artificial or indirect methods of fertilization, like the so-called "in vitro" by way of example.

The highest record at this level remains that of 1989 when the first case of 
se-xtuplets. The highest rates of these births having been achieved so far are in the 1990s, there has been a drastic decline in this phenomenon due to various factors, including enhanced medical prevention in high-risk pregnancy situations.

Multiple birth, high risk

Although it is a happy event, the fact remains that the risk for the mother as well as her babies remains constant and much more present than for a normal pregnancy, the twin pregnancies themselves requiring a rigorous medical monitoring, those concerning triplets or more, are all the more delicate.

One of the biggest risks is probably prematurity, knowing that in the case of a twin pregnancy the probability is 50% that babies born shortly after their 7 months of growth, more pregnancies involve a 100% risk! And the danger lies in the fact that premature delivery very often leads to immediate hospitalization of newborns or even perinatal deaths.

Psychological support is needed

The impact of the news of a multiple pregnancy on a mother remains marked by euphoria but is still mixed overall. There are also associations providing these exceptional mothers with the psychological support devices accompanying them in their adventure and helping them to fight against the anxiety that could very easily take place after a while, accompanied by worry and lack of self-confidence.

At 42, she expects triplets

Having already had a 10-year-old girl, Kimberly Fugate did not think she could get pregnant again, but fate decided otherwise and the ultrasound verdict was obvious and to make it all the more incredible, the doctor told her announced that the triplets were exactly the same!

Both parents were well aware that such a pregnancy at this age could lead to complications that could endanger the lives of Kimberly and her young. But they were much more concerned with the preparation of the arrival of these three new family members than with the worry of what could happen if it ever went bad. They even moved to put everything in place for this incredible event.

The most unexpected surprise of all!
9 months later, D-Day finally arrived and contractions started early in the day and after hours of work, the 42-year-old mother was left with three babies in her arms.

enclosure of triplets

There was one thing, however, that nobody expected but was not going to be too quick to know, because suddenly the doctor exclaimed, "One more pair of feet! "

A statement that left all those who were present in the delivery room speechless. That day, Craig and his wife had not left with triplets, but with quadruplets!

Absolutely nobody was prepared, not even the doctor, because apparently one of the babies was totally hidden behind his sister during the ultrasound.

This was a case of extreme rarity since the chances of conception of quadruplets by natural means are one in 729 000 chance and it is all the more particular since it concerns quadruplets that are similar totally.

Kimberley, commenting in the most absolute euphoria what had happened to her, said, "I'm probably the most blessed mother in the world! "

enclosure of triplets

An extraordinary story from beginning to end, breaking all the codes and overcoming all the statistics, because when we look back, we see that this lucky mother had statistically speaking all the reasons not to get pregnant and even fewer triplets and much less than quadruplets! A proof that nature, whatever one may say, is capable of surprising us in the most beautiful way!