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A Pregnant Woman Does Not Understand Why Her Dog Does Not Stop Barking. She Did Not Realize She Was Trying To Save Her

A Pregnant Woman Does Not Understand Why Her Dog Does Not Stop Barking. She Did Not Realize She Was Trying To Save Her

A Pregnant Woman Does Not Understand Why Her Dog Does Not Stop Barking

Dogs are really exceptional creatures - they can do things that humans can not do. They have the ability to feel what is happening inside the human body, which means they can know if their master is sick or not. Dogs also have the ability to feel cancer because, in fact, what these animals can do for their beloved owners has no limit.

A Dog with flair

This is how a dog has incredibly proved the love she bore to her mistress: she used her sixth sense to help this woman to regain her form. She was following her and circling her obsessively - nothing could calm her down. You will never be able to guess how this dog has literally saved her owner's life.

Keola is an American Akita living with its owners in Doncaster, South Yorkshire. Ricky and Alhanna always took care of her and considered her a member of the family. The amorous couple was thrilled because Alhanna was pregnant and a baby would quickly arrive and expand the family.

Some time later, the expectant mother began to feel pain in the lower back. She talked about it with her doctor, who diagnosed it as a side effect of pregnancy. Alhanna then returned home, believing that the problem was due to the natural growth of the child she was carrying.

Alhanna was convinced, which was not the case for his dog who could feel something that did not go wrong inside the body of his mistress. The latter noticed that her pet was acting strangely, but did not have a clue what it was.

"After returning from the hospital, she sat down and stared at me so much that I was scared," said Alhanna. Before continuing: "I then posted a picture of her doing this on Facebook and I even made a joke about it with a reference to the Hatchi movie in which the dog was doing exactly the same thing at a time, this which unexpectedly aroused a rather serious reaction from my friends. "

More time passed, more Keola became insistent and kept turning around his mistress. Ricky and Alhanna then clearly understood that she wanted to tell them something. "No one knew how bad I was apart from Keola. She looked frightened every time I went to work, something that had never happened before. "

Fortunately, Alhanna did not ignore the warnings of her faithful animal. She returned to the hospital, where she was directly treated in the intensive care unit. What the doctors eventually found was shocking: Alhanna was only a few moments away from a tragic end.

The expectant mother had a double kidney infection that caused her painful lower back pain. And to make matters worse, it turned out that this type of infection was rare. She had just arrived at the hospital to be treated.

"Not having been treated for a long time, it was one of the worst cases they've ever seen," Alhanna said, describing her horrific experience on Facebook. "In addition to all this, I had an antibiotic resistant microbe that never touched anyone other than me in the UK. He was killing me little by little and the doctors told me that if I had ignored him for a while, it would have cost my life and my baby's life. "

Thanks to the loyalty of this savior animal, Alhanna was able to reach the end of her pregnancy in excellent conditions. She knew that she had in his company a guardian angel specially sent for her little baby.

Alhanna has given birth to a very healthy little boy, he is particularly fond of Keola. This adorable dog has so much love in her heart, she could be thanks to that the perfect example of the pet loving his master to the point of saving his life.