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This Is How This Baby Is Born With White Hair! The Nurse Had Never Seen That

This Is How This Baby Is Born With White Hair! The Nurse Had Never Seen That

Baby Is Born With White Hair

For all future parents, the birth of a baby is always a special event, sometimes feared but always eagerly awaited. Some births remain engraved in the memories especially those of the medical team as nurses. That's what happened when Devina, a little girl like no other, was born.

With "Devina" as a name, which means loved, divine or heavenly, this baby was predestined to look like an angel. However, the mother, Jessica Smith, was not at all prepared for the surprise that would follow the birth of her daughter came into the world with a mane of snow-white hair. Even the nurses were stunned at the sight of the color of her hair.

A baby like no other

Baby Is Born With White Hair

When little Devina arrived, her mother was very surprised. She did not expect her baby to have such hair at all. She says: "I only knew her when she was born and I have never seen a baby like this before, usually the hair of others can be, at the limit, blond but not white. I think it makes it extremely special. "

Doctors have said that Devina's silver hair, which is quite strikingly similar to Daenerys in Game of Thrones, is due to partial albinism, a genetic condition that affects only 5 out of every 100,000 people in the United States and Canada. Europe.

Baby Is Born With White Hair

During the delivery, the doctor told the mother-to-be that her baby had a lot of hair, but seeing her for the first time, with her own eyes, had a shock effect on her.

A baby looking like a doll

Family members and close friends are so dazzled by little Devina; for them the appearance of Devina and the particular color of her hair make her look like a precious doll. Even children are captivated by the whiteness of her hair and take her for a doll.

Returning from the hospital, and after a little recovery, the proud mother of her daughter post pictures of her. Very quickly, Devina becomes a star. Besides, the mother is very surprised to see the enthusiasm of people: "When we posted his photos online, they were entitled to thousands and thousands of views. I could not have imagined how much attention these pictures would bring. There are people who thought they were fake photos through Photoshop. "

Devina is now 3 months old and her hair is still so beautiful because of its white-silver color. She has also been able to obtain some nicknames like "Miss Devi" and "Baby-Moon".

Baby Is Born With White Hair

What is partial albinism or Griscelli's disease?

Although partially albino, Devina was born in perfect health. She weighed more than 3 kilograms at birth despite her rather particular genetic condition. Devina suffers from Griscelli Syndrome (SG), which is characterized by hair with silver highlights and hypo-pigmented skin. The symptoms of this rare disease may be related to immunodeficiency, neurological damage or isolated. Children with Griscelli's disease may suffer from early psychomotor retardation. There is an antenatal examination to screen for this disease.