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Black Seed : The Seed That Cures Almost All Diseases Except Death

Black Seed : The Seed That Cures Almost All Diseases Except Death

Black Seed

Some of the foods that nature offers us heal diseases that we thought were treatable until then with drugs. Indeed, there are plants, herbs and seeds to use as they are or can be transformed into oil to make natural remedies.

One of these nature gifts is black cumin, also called nigella. Present in religious books, it has been the subject of various studies to discover the extent of its medicinal properties.

Black cumin, the miracle cure?

Indeed, researchers from Saudi Arabia have conducted scientific research on the benefits of using black cumin. Based on the public knowledge of "black seeds" that they would have healing powers, they discovered that most of the therapeutic properties of black cumin would be related to thymoquinone. The latter is an active ingredient that acts as an antioxidant, an anti-inflammatory, an antihistamine, an antibacterial and an anticancer. Other scientific studies on animals have come to approve this discovery and the results show that its antioxidant properties protect various organs including the heart, liver and kidneys. In addition, thymoquinone has analgesic and anti-convulsant properties.

Thus, black cumin is a fabulous natural remedy for multiple ailments. So here's how to use it according to your medical condition!

The uses of black cumin according to the medical problem

Heart problems

Thanks to its fat-absorbing effect, add a teaspoon of black cumin oil in your infusion to prevent clogged arteries and regulate your blood pressure.


To treat asthma, all you have to do is boil some oil of nigella and then inhale the vapor of a spoonful of this oil morning and evening. You can also massage your chest and neck with black cumin oil to help your breathing.


According to multiple scientific studies, thanks to the thymoquinone found in black cumin, it is possible to treat several diseases including type 2 diabetes. All you need to do is consume black cumin oil or add cumin seeds black to your preparations.


Having spasmolytic and gastro-protective properties, black cumin is an ally in the treatment of ulcers, especially if it is mixed with honey that has healing properties. Mix a spoonful of black seed oil in 4 tablespoons of honey and consume the preparation daily on an empty stomach. You can then consume a glass of vegetable milk to relieve the ulcer.

The cancer

In view of its anticancer properties, black cumin is recommended to fight the proliferation of cancer cells. You can massage the area where the tumor is located three times a day with black cumin oil and then add nigella seeds to your preparations. Carrot juice extractor is also recommended to treat cancer.

Warnings: It is recommended not to exceed the daily dose of black cumin oil and black cumin seeds recommended either 2 teaspoon of oil and a small amount of seed or seed powder. In addition, black cumin and its derivatives are unfit for consumption in pregnant women. In all cases, tell your doctor about future consumption of black cumin.