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Cancer Survivor Explains How This Oil "Saved Her Life" After Suffering An Incurable Cancer!

Its status as a hallucinogenic substance taking precedence over the rest, cannabis is inevitably prisoner of its status as a simple dr...

How This Oil Saved Her Life After Suffering An Incurable Cancer

Its status as a hallucinogenic substance taking precedence over the rest, cannabis is inevitably prisoner of its status as a simple drug with harmful effects. The reality is that this plant imported from Asia hides far more health benefits than it seems.

Cannabis essential oil

This oil, although carrying more than one medicinal virtue remains very severely prohibited in several countries, including France, where rare are the medical cases having obtained a derogation for its use as a remedy. Cannabidiol (CBD), non-psychoactive, remains the most popular variety especially in the United States of America where some states allow its use for curative purposes.

Not to mention its effectiveness when it comes to relaxation, appetite stimulation, fight against insomnia, skin care, neutralizing headaches and other migraines, it also acts as a pain-reliever many patients overcome some painful symptoms of their disease.

What relationship to cancer?

First and foremost, cannabis was used as a calming agent to relieve the pain of people with cancer and to reduce the side effects of chemotherapy, which helped to improve their comfort. However, over time, it was found that its effect could also be therapeutic.

The researchers then noted that cannabinoids could obviously act on many cancer cells or even neutralize for some, depending on the case and the quantities administered.

Several types of cancer are the subject of this conclusion: that of the brain, breast, stomach, liver, skin and others, including that of blood also known as "leukemia".

A survivor tells her story

"6 to 18 months to live only" was the doctor's statement to Lynn Cameron, a 48-year-old Scottish girl living in Blantyre, Scotland. She was diagnosed with a brain tumor, and to make matters worse, she finally learned that it was completely incurable because her cancer was terminally ill.

After several sessions of chemotherapy and radiotherapy, Lynn was finally convinced by the uselessness of this process and went in search of a medical alternative or a diet able to emerge victorious from this fierce struggle. that it led against cancer.

During her research, she came across more than one possibility and suggestion against cancer, she had to try the alkaline diet to rebalance the level of acidity in the body which, destabilized, promotes the development of cancer cells, she has also totally eliminated the sugar from his diet.

A solution for the least unsuspected

"A good friend advised me to turn to cannabis as a cure, I was afraid just thinking about it because it was illegal, I did not think that the fact that it could cure cancer at a such an advanced stage may be possible. Lynn explains.

Seeing no progress, she decides to take the step and began administering doses of cannabis oil by putting under the tongue, so that it can penetrate directly into the blood. All this was done without the knowledge of the doctors who explained to her that nothing could cure her, although she eats or takes as vitamins.

Over the course of the scans, a constant improvement was visible, but Lynn was convinced that it was not the effect of chemotherapy or radiotherapy but that of this miracle cure that she took in total secrecy. At the 6th MRI session the verdict was clear, the cancer had literally disappeared.

Lynn added after her story: "The British medical journal did not do enough research about cannabis, and ironically, they gave me morphine and codeine, which they can really make sick and I do not I had never taken a single pill before ... Anyway, the type of treatment I took concerns only me and I'm glad to have discovered! "

The story of Lynn Cameron, should be seen as an example of courage and tenacity, it is ultimately his love of life that has taken precedence over everything else, he has overcome all obstacles and he gave the opportunity to know what could be assimilated to a rebirth.