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Here's What The Inside Pocket Is Used For In Women's Panties

Here's What The Inside Pocket Is Used For In Women's Panties

why ladies have a little pocket in their panties

Some objects have or have had in the past functions or meanings, sometimes ignored by everyone, but worth knowing. On the internet, you can find creative videos revealing interesting or unusual things on many everyday objects. What is the interest of wicker caps? Small pockets in panties ...? Read on to find out.

The little pocket in women's panties

The majority of us are convinced that this small pocket is used to hide something of great value, but it is only a legend. This lining was created for health reasons, its fabric should be made of soft cotton to be comfortable as it is in direct contact with a hypersensitive area; that of the private parts. The small pocket in women's pants also helps protect this area from bacteria and helps prevent their proliferation.

The pompon on the hats

The first pompon appeared in the 19th century with French sailors. Since the ceilings of the cabins in the boats were low, the pompom prevented the sailors from banging their heads. So, other countries have started to put on their knitted hats these pompoms. Today, they do not really have any specific use, except the aesthetic side of the hats.

The little hole in lollipop sticks

Many people think that the hole on lollipop sticks is there to avoid choking, but it's totally wrong. In reality, this hole simply helps the candy to adhere to the stick. During the preparation of the lollipop, it is the hole that is first filled with the candy and then gradually turns into lollipop.

Why do trousers have lines?

These lines were present on all trousers in the professional environment. Why ? Almost nobody knows it. These lines appeared for the first time at the end of the 19th century when Europe began to produce clothes en masse. The pants were folded for a whole day when crossing oceans or continents, so these lines were created. Everyone had no choice but to accept these lines as part of their look.

The lines on toothpastes

There is a legend that the black line represents chemicals and that the green is the natural components of toothpaste. In reality, these lines are just barcodes not related to the chemical composition of the toothpaste. These are used in toothpaste production machines as a benchmark for cutting tubes.

The holes in the rhombus stitched on the backpacks?

This sewn part was originally part of the equipment used by campers to easily attach their rope to their bag. It was therefore useful for camping enthusiasts.