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I Aborted  At 23 Weeks, This Is What It Was Like

I Aborted At 23 Weeks, This Is What It Was Like

I Aborted  At 23 Weeks, This Is What It Was Like

A late abortion is the interruption of a pregnancy between 14 and 24 weeks. Late abortions before 20 weeks are usually performed on an outpatient basis known as dilatation and evacuation. A tragic event that a woman can know, as evidenced by the story of this mom!

Charlene and her husband had started trying to have their second child in the spring of 2015, and by May, they had learned that Charlene was pregnant. The family was so excited that their daughter was even talking to her mom's belly.

At 18 weeks and three days, the couple went to do an ultrasound, a standard procedure to ensure the health and development of the baby. When the couple went to the doctor, he thought he was just going to know if he would have a boy or a girl. It was a girl, Charlene was thrilled.

Bad news

The doctors continued to check the baby's heart, which made Charlene very nervous. She said something was wrong.

When the doctor reappeared, the couple learned that their daughter had a thick white mucosa on her right ventricle, which could be a sign of the hypoplastic syndrome of the right heart, a very dangerous condition that prevents the heart from forming correctly.

The doctors said they could not offer Charlene and her husband an official diagnosis because the heart of their baby was still very small.

Looking for a second opinion

The doctors saw the same white mucosa on the left ventricle of the baby's heart, as well as on the mitral valve, the part of the heart that pumps blood to the lungs. This precluded the previous diagnosis of hypoplastic right heart syndrome. The doctors told Charlene that a complication on the left ventricle was a concern and that it was impossible to remedy the spread of this white mucosa on the right and left ventricles.

The couple then decided to go to another children's hospital for a third and final opinion.

The Decision

The couple wanted to make the best decision for their baby and their family. Charlene and her husband were desperately looking for the best way for their baby to live a normal life after birth. At the same time, they considered the alternative option of abortion. The case was special because Charlene was 23 weeks old.

Another option the couple investigated was to give birth to their daughter in perinatal palliative care, but their research revealed that those caring for her would have the power to decide whether to keep her alive despite all the inconvenience. . And if the couple objected, he could be accused of abuse or neglect and even lose custody of their eldest daughter.

The couple learned that after birth, their daughter will have difficulty breathing, as well as heart attacks and strokes due to a lack of oxygen in her brain. What would look like a nightmare.

The procedure

Finally, Charlene and her husband made the decision to perform an abortion. The first step would be to dilate his cervix the next day, they would "evacuate" the fetus while Charlene would be anesthetized.

The first day of the procedure began with an ultrasound to make sure everything was normal and ready for the operation. Then they administered a dose of digoxin to the uterus, which slowed down and finally stopped the baby's heart. It took about three hours before she stopped moving. These hours were horrible for Charlene, she felt completely devastated. Then they inserted the laminaria, which helps the cervix to dilate.

The same night, laminaria caused a lot of cramps to Charlene. The next day, in the morning, she began to feel contractions which allowed her to give birth to her deceased daughter under anesthesia.


The couple had fallen into deep grief several months after the abortion. After they left, the clinic gave them a glimpse of their daughter's footprints, something that Charlene greatly appreciated. She used to hold those fingerprints and cry because she was the closest way to touching her baby.

After eight months, the couple felt brave enough to start trying to have another baby. Charlene had the chance to get pregnant quickly, after nine months things went pretty well.

An abortion after 20 weeks is a tragic event, and no woman who makes this decision takes it lightly. It is difficult to imagine the pain and sorrow that drives a mother to make such a decision.