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You Will Never Throw Onion Peels Again!

You Will Never Throw Onion Peels Again!

Never Throw Onion Peels Again

Sources of vitamins, minerals and fiber ... fruits and vegetables are essential foods for our daily health. They are also natural remedies that help relieve and treat various ailments. In addition to their flesh, their peels are full of virtues. Like banana or apple, onion peel is rich in nutrients. By reading this article, you will not throw it away anymore.

A common mistake that most people make is to peel the onion and shed its skin. But, research has found that onion skin is rich in powerful antioxidants, which can improve human health on many levels. On the one hand, the brown outer layer of onions is filled with fibers, flavonoids and vitamins A, C and E, all of which are very beneficial for improving the health of the skin.

Zoom on the onion

The onion is a very good vegetable for health thanks to its high content of mineral salts and vitamins A, B and C. This vegetable is an anti-diarrhea, antiseptic, diuretic, expectorant, vermifuge and tonic. The onion is a very good stimulant of the nervous system, it helps to lower the cholesterol level or to fight the urinary or intestinal disorders. It is good to know that the onion is also a good healing for wounds.

Discover the health benefits of onion peel

The onion skin contains more antioxidants than the onion, it is rich in a powerful vegetable pigment called quercetin, which is very effective in reducing hypertension and preventing clogged arteries. In addition, onion skin has anticancer, antifungal and antibacterial properties.

Preventing Cardiovascular Disease: Onion peel is rich in phenolic fiber and many other substances that help lower cholesterol levels and prevent various cardiovascular diseases.

Prevent colon cancer: Quercetin stimulates the immune system by preventing the development of tumors. A study published by Johns Hopkins University found that the combination of chemicals found in onions and turmeric reduced the size and number of precancerous lesions in the human intestinal tract.

Treating urinary tract infections: The antibiotic potency of onion skin helps treat viral and bacterial diseases that affect kidney health and bladder.

Relieving acute bronchitis: Thanks to its antioxidant properties, onion peel is very effective in relieving the airways during a strong cough or bronchitis.

The various preparations based on onion peel

Infusion based on onion peel:

It is possible to keep the onion peel, take a glass jar and put in your peels that you used to throw. When you want to prepare your daily dose of onion skin tea, take a few pieces, cover them with boiling water and let steep for about 15 minutes. Filter the liquid and drink it before going to bed.

Quercetin contained in onion peel also has sedative effects, which is why it is best to consume this infusion before bedtime.

The soup with onion peel:

Do not peel your onions to put in the soup, both the skin and the bulb of the onion are nutritious. It's full of fiber and phenolic compounds that help prevent coronary heart disease.

Onion peel can be used as a great addition to any diet because of its high content of insoluble fiber, which is beneficial for normal stools. In addition, insoluble fiber removes toxic waste from the colon and balances intestinal pH levels.

Other uses of onion peel:

Onion peel to color hair: In addition to its natural coloring effect, onion skin promotes hair regrowth.

For beautiful, naturally coppery highlights, pour 1 liter of cold spring water over 4 handfuls of onion peels. Bring to a boil and let boil for 5 minutes. Cover and let steep out of the heat until cool. Filter and use in rinsing water, to renew regularly.

Crimping peel: For a cramp-proof result, prepare an onion peel infusion and drink it before going to bed. The effect will be felt 1 to 2 weeks of use.

Using onion peel in wheat flour: According to a US scientific study, dried and ground onion skin instead of 1 to 5% flour increases the antioxidant content in bread.

Caution: Onion peel is not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women. Be sure to choose organic onions if you want to use or consume their peels.