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The Police Warn: If You See A Child In The Middle Of The Road While Driving, Close Your Doors Immediately!

The Police Warn: If You See A Child In The Middle Of The Road While Driving, Close Your Doors Immediately!

 If You See A Child In The Middle Of The Road While Driving, Close Your Doors Immediately!

Thanks to the progress of science, we are learning more and more about the mysteries of life. Cars run on electricity, telephones have become intelligent ... While this has many benefits for our daily lives, a negative effect is also present to the extent that criminals and crooks have become smarter and appeal to new methods to sow terror. Such is the case of this woman who was terrorized by the presence of a child in the middle of the road while driving. The police then issued an alert to warn the drivers of this danger!

By studying crimes, we study the state of mind of the person who committed it, ultimately it is a result of a lived experience or the reflection of an existing feeling. Nowadays, there is a phenomenon of the most painful and dangerous, that of minor children who commit crimes and offenses.

Youth crime

Youth crime is a recurring theme of public debate, especially as youth behavior accompanies technological and societal developments. In this air of computers and smartphones, young people do not lack ideas for committing crimes including organizing themselves in gangs.

Many offenders are mentally disordered and not necessarily diagnosed. An earlier diagnosis would serve to modify their behavior. By delinquency, adolescents would re-enact problems experienced within their family, would also try to assert themselves during this passage of questioning identity.

Education and delinquency

The links between parents' educational practices and juvenile delinquency have been established time and time again through several research projects around the world. The more the child is subject to the rules of life, the less supervision there are criminal manifestations in adolescence.

Indeed, supervision allows parents to anticipate, detect and overcome the potential problems of their child, in this case his deviant behavior. At the same time, the use of strict disciplinary methods can produce delinquency. The question then is: what is the ideal degree of discipline to guarantee a good education?

At school and at home, the child must be educated in openness and responsibility. The formation of open minds, future adults who are not afraid of the novelty or the unknown will have to start at a young age, adds to that the emotional security that will make the child an optimistic, creative and generous. This openness of mind must also initiate a sense of responsibility that will help the person to become more empathetic than egocentric.

Turning now to the testimony of this female driver, who was frightened by offenders in the middle of the night, is a real example of the egocentricity of offenders.

The story of this woman terrified by offenders!

When a 33-year-old woman came home from work late at night, she saw something in the middle of the road and slowed down. As she got closer, the object became clearer. But it was not an object! In fact, it was a small child alone.

Naturally, she wanted to know what had happened and if the child was fine. She approached cautiously, but as she stopped, she saw two men in dark hoodies coming towards her.

They got closer to her car and tried to open her doors, but luckily she had locked them. In the meantime, she managed to see the child better and realized that she was not a child at all, but a doll dressed in children's clothes.

She accelerated and quickly moved away from the scene and called the police as soon as she found herself at a safe distance from these offenders. When the police arrived, the doll was there but there was no trace of the men.

The young woman could have been assaulted or raped if she had not run away, fortunately she had the right reflexes.

A few days later, investigations led the police to three young adolescents aged only 10, 14 and 17 years old. At the time of the interrogation, the youths stated that they had never intended to steal the car or to harm the lady and that their only purpose was to play pranks. They amused themselves by scaring the drivers!

The young teenagers were entitled to a simple warning but if it happens again in the future they will have heavy sentences to undergo.

Anyway, if you ride on a road in the middle of the night, do not stop! Close your doors and be careful.