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12 Things You Should Not Do During Your Period

12 Things You Should Not Do During Your Period

Every week, new studies are coming out with the latest news about What should never done during the period that which keep woman stressful about this natural phenomena. Menstrual bleeding genitally starts at puberty, around 11-13 years, and recurs cyclically every month. They last on average 5 days, and come from the destruction of the uterine lining in case of absence of fertilization. Several symptoms accompany this period, pleasant or not this varies according to each woman. But to better live this recurring period, here are 13 things you should never do during your period.
     12 Things You Should Not Do During Your Period

In view of the hormonal changes during this period, some women will have quirky cravings, while others will suffer from different ailments. These symptoms vary according to the nature of each woman.

Here are the 12 things you should never do during your period of menstruation

1. Watch depressing movies

Many women will observe mood changes during this time, they may feel happiness, sadness, anger and insecurity in a matter of minutes. During these moments of emotional upheaval, it is best to avoid situations that will plunge you into sadness or depression like watching horror movies.

2. Spice with wax

Women may experience more pain during the menstrual period because the level of estrogen is low. A sufficient amount of estrogen in the body plays an important role in the skin as it helps to make it both supple, elastic and firm. Ladies, postpone your appointment with your beautician.

3. Forget you have your period

It is obvious to act differently during this period, it is a reality that should not be circumvented. So get ready by storing enough sanitary napkins or even buying books or DVDs to accompany your hours in bed.

4. Go to bed without Tampon or Pad

Using day pads for the night is also one of the mistakes to avoid during this time. Make sure you get special night pads to avoid staining your pajamas and sheets. Some women opt for homemade pads that they find more comfortable during the night.

5. Wear white pants

White pants make you more attractive and confident but avoid being tempted during this critical period. While the cravings change during these days but it is better not to meet this challenge. Set them aside until the end of your period so you can wear them safely.

6. Do not practice sports

Women often tend to avoid sport during this period, but this is not the right choice to make. Exercise will help relieve cramps as well as the pains that accompany the menstrual cycle.

7. Eat and drink dairy products

Milk, cheese and yogurt should be eaten in moderation or not at all during menstruation because they contain arachidonic acids that can cause cramps. You can take instead almond milk or coconut milk.

8. Wear the same protection all day

Hygiene is important during this time, especially when you have long, tiring days of work. Keeping the same pads for a long time can create odors and promote the development of bacteria, so they should be changed every three hours.

9. Pig out on salty snacks

It is very common to observe an increased appetite just before or during your period especially for salty or sweet foods. Scientists explain this by the low level of serotonin during this period, which generates the craving for sugars and carbohydrates like chips. So be careful and nibble fruits and vegetables rich in minerals and vitamins.

10. Justify your unpleasant mood

Instead of being uncomfortable and justifying your bad mood through your periods, be rather distant and explain to your loved ones that you need some space at this time. Go for relaxing activities to relax. This will do you good and improve your mood.

11. Swim during menstruation

There is nothing hygienic about swimming during the menstrual period as it is very likely that there will be a blood leak in the water while you swim. Even if the pressure in the water has the effect of stopping the menstrual flow but if you laugh, cough, sneeze or move, a small amount of blood can escape.

12. Make love without protection

Even though the risk of pregnancy during this period is low but it exists, it is essential to protect yourself from unwanted pregnancies. Physical intimacy during menstruation can also be associated with some risks because AIDS and some other STDs can be transmitted more easily during this period.