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This Popular Drink Results In A Big Hole In The Head Of This Dad

This Popular Drink Results In A Big Hole In The Head Of This Dad

Popular Drink Leaves Hole In Dad's Skull,

Energy drinks are very popular nowadays. The global energy drink market was worth 39 billion euros in 2013 and is expected to reach 61 billion euros by 2021. This craze is very badly seen by health experts. The reactions of the latter to the increasingly widespread consumption of these drinks are legitimate given the damage they cause. This is reflected in the sad fate of this man.

The dangers of energy drinks

"Energy drinks can be a danger to public health," warns the World Health Organization. "Children should not eat them," warns the American Academy of Pediatrics.

In 2015, JAMA Today published the results of a study in which physicians examined 25 healthy adults by examining their heart rate and blood pressure. Participants then drank a can of 480 milliliters of an energy drink containing taurine, caffeine and other additives. Finally, the doctors re-examined the participants, and the results were shocking.

That's what happened :

- Blood pressure of participants increased

- Their heart rate has increased

- Some participants' heartbeat became irregular

- Norepinephrine levels in the blood stream of participants increased. 

- Norepinephrine is a natural hormone that increases blood pressure.

Each of the above effects can lead to cardiac arrest, and they all occurred after drinking a single can of an energy drink.

People who regularly drink energy drinks are often at a higher risk for heart disease than those who do not. And do not forget the high sugar content of energy drinks.

The story we present will show you that the dangers of energy drinks do not stop at the heart, but the brain too!

The sad fate of a future dad

Austin and Brianna were looking forward to their first child. But just a few weeks before Brianna gave birth, the mother-to-be received a phone call that would change her life forever. It was Brianna's mother-in-law, and she had no good news: Austin had an accident.
Austin's mother did not know what had happened to her son, she just knew it was bad. So Brianna went as fast as she could to the hospital to find out what was wrong with her husband.

Energy Drink Results in Hole in Expectant Father's Skull

Austin and Brianna had been so happy in previous months that they were looking forward to the birth of their first child. But Austin's life was in danger. He was between life and death. He was suffering from a cerebral hemorrhage, and at first the doctors were unsure of the reason that caused it.

After a series of tests that excluded drug use, the doctors were able to explain to the Austin family why the young man's brain had begun to bleed.

Popular Beverage Leaves Soon To Be Father With Giant Hole In His Head

The cause of the Austin hemorrhage

For some time, Austin had been working overtime at work and traveling long distances. In order to stay awake, he had started drinking a lot of energy drinks. This excessive consumption left him in a coma, because of the excessive amount of caffeine that his body absorbed, and his future was uncertain.

Energy drinks leave new father with hole in his skull, fighting for his life

Austin was in a coma for several weeks, and when it was time for Brianna to give birth, she had to do it without having him by her side.
But, miraculously, Austin woke up shortly after. Yet, it was difficult to recognize. The surgery on the brain left a big hole in his skull.

Brianna, a devoted woman

Eight months after giving birth, Brianna takes care of Austin and their little boy.
Austin is no longer the same man Brianna has fallen in love with and he probably will never be. But Brianna loves it in any case, and more and more every day.

Popular drink almost kills dad, leaves a large gaping hole in his head

“Love is knowing you would sacrifice things that you didn’t even know you could sacrifice,” Brianna wrote on Facebook. ”Love is selfless.”

The story of Austin once again reminds us of the dangerousness of energy drinks and their harmful effects on human health. Feel free to share this article to raise awareness and prevent the risks associated with their consumption.