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If You Have Two Dimples In The Lower Back, You Are A Very Special Person

If You Have Two Dimples In The Lower Back, You Are A Very Special Person


Many of us are far from suspecting the "powers" a little crazy that hides our body. Yet, it is full of mysteries and secrets as surprising as they are formidable! Among them, those related to our sacro-iliac fossils, or more commonly called, dimples of Venus and Apollo. Overview of why these dimples will certainly do good to your intimate life!

You certainly have not escaped on social networks such as Instagram or Facebook, more and more women proudly display their dimples or salt shakers of Venus. And if in many European countries, many of you have been tempted by the "V-Spot" surgical treatment that appeared two years ago in England, based on the principle of creation or recreation of dimples sacro-iliacs, it's not a coincidence. Know indeed ladies that this is the trend of the moment!

The process of the operation

In concrete terms, how is the "V-Spot" and what does it consist of? Well, it's a question of introducing a small canula (small straight or curved tube, facilitating the passage of air) in the lower back so that it can suck the fat naturally found in this part of our body . The operation lasts between one hour and two hours and generally allows better redraw the troughs supposed to be in this area of the back.

The charm of your back

A back is beautiful! But at the bottom of it there may be small dimples that will surely make all the difference. Considered in some or some as a major physical asset, the salt shakers of Venus (goddess of love, seduction and female beauty in Greco-Roman mythology) or Apollo (god of the arts and male beauty in Greco-Roman mythology) are often equated with sports people and are generally synonymous with healthy bodies. Located between the sacrum (triangular bone located between the fifth lumbar vertebra and the coccyx), and the iliac bones (belt of the pelvis), these dimples also have an unsuspected power ...

These dimples that make us reach pleasure!

In addition to being an undeniable charm asset, especially with regard to the femininity, sacro-iliac dimples have indeed a non-negligible utility. These would make you reach climax more easily, all thanks to a good blood circulation in your pelvic cavity, especially in your internal reproductive organs. Better blood flow in your pelvis so that would also affect men. Long live the dimples of Venus AND Apollo in this case!

A purely genetic question

Contrary to what one might think, gain or weight loss has nothing to do with the absence or appearance of these dimples. Their existence is of a purely genetic nature. Is this probably the reason why many people around you secretly jealous you ...? So if you're lucky enough to have one, celebrate it as it should!