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A 9-Year-Old Girl Hears God Tell Her To Look In The Bushes. When She Looks Inside, She Can Not Believe Her Eyes (Watch Video)

A 9-Year-Old Girl Hears God Tell Her To Look In The Bushes. When She Looks Inside, She Can Not Believe Her Eyes (Watch Video)

9-Yr-Old Hears God Telling Her

God intervention is a subjective interpretation that attributes to God the unfolding of an event that happened in a certain way, an event that nobody expected. Atheists and agnostics may find alternative explanations for these events, despite their "miraculous" appearance. Some believers can see examples of God intervention throughout their lives, it depends on their faith and their beliefs, as shown by the amazing story of this 9 year old girl!

Divine intervention or stroke of luck?

Elysia Laub, a 9-year-old girl, was sitting at home in the Indiana countryside in the United States, when she suddenly had a strong desire to go out. At first, the child thought she was hallucinating because she was hearing voices talking in her head, she had a strange feeling, so she decided to follow that feeling and she headed for the backyard.

After a moment in the backyard, and just as she was going back inside, Elysia heard a strange noise from the bush nearby. She thought maybe it was one of her baby pigs escaping from her pen, but when she got closer, she could not believe her eyes!

Between the bushes of the backyard of his family's home, a baby was left alone on the floor. The umbilical cord was not cut yet and maggots crawled all over him, but he was alive.

Elysia says she saw the little pink legs of the baby moving between the bushes. When she knew he was alive, she understood that she needed to call for help.

Saved at the right time

Elysia ran inside to find her mother, Heidi, who at first thought that her daughter had let her imagination overflow. But when she saw the baby, she immediately ran to take it. Then she asked Elysia to call 911 right away to get the proper help. Meanwhile Heidi had wrapped the baby in a blanket.

The police arrived quickly, and after a few exams, she concluded that the baby had been abandoned for at least several hours before Elysia found it. Her delicate skin was burned by the sun and she was covered with small insects, but otherwise the baby was fine, thanks to Elysia responding to what she called "the call of God".

"It's a miracle that Elysia was there to find the baby," said Sheriff John Buncich.

Heidi agrees with this interpretation and also thinks it's a miracle that Elyia was able to find this abandoned baby, and that it was God who pushed her daughter out to save this baby.

The baby was taken to the hospital for recovery, and then transferred to a foster family. The police later found her mother, a teenage girl who lived nearby. Because she is a minor, no other details have been disclosed about her identity to the media.

Many people think that the young Elysia has done a heroic act, while she firmly believes that she can not receive all the credit. When asked who helped her save the baby, Elysia simply replied, "God."

Elysia thinks that if God had not guided his brain out of the house, they will now find a little baby dead in the bushes, which would have been horrible.

Regardless of the interpretation that can be made, namely a divine intervention or a stroke of luck, this baby was able to survive and have a normal life like any other child, thanks to Elysia and her mother who made the necessary to save him after being abandoned by his teenage mother. Feel free to share this story that sheds light on the scourge of abandoning children!