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A Child Died When His Mother Gave Him A Very Popular Cream!

A Child Died When His Mother Gave Him A Very Popular Cream!

Vicks VapoRub

The human being has for a very long time been searching for anything that could improve his health and prevent him suffering from diseases. Nevertheless, it can happen that after having discovered the remedy, a bad use of this last one makes the evil even more violent, knowing that sometimes, a remedy can outright turn into real poison like what happened to this baby.


Several studies including the one conducted by Dr. Bruce Robin at Wake Forest University in North Carolina, show that the application of balm containing camphor, eucalyptol and even menthol for adults can be found a major cause of respiratory inflammation obviously more important in infants.

Camphor, eucalyptol and menthol come in particular from essential oils present in certain cosmetic products, and are the cause of serious undesirable effects (convulsions, absences) observed mainly in babies.

A warning given by the Agency for Sanitary Safety of Health Products (Afssaps), which strongly recommends us to avoid the use of such substances at least for children.

A message first to parents

During climate change or as a result of temperature variations, the human body tends to weaken and therefore give way to an influenza state that can be accompanied by nausea, vomiting, diarrhea or even stomach pain. These symptoms are more common in children.
Older people may feel weak and sometimes confused without presenting other symptoms.

It is in this kind of case that moms and dads, being too far-sighted, can resort to home-made or popular natural remedies, which can be detrimental to the health of their children due to a lack of diagnosis and diagnosis. medical expertise. What drives this mother today to ask the parents to be very vigilant.

A baby pays with her life for her mother's rescue

This poor Mexican mom lost her baby after applying Vicks VapoRub.

After a day of work and returning home, she realizes that her two-year-old baby was suffering from fever and therefore decides to apply this balm to her back, torso and below her nose, as well as after falling asleep beside him, thinking that he had relieved her, she wakes up and tries to check her health. Unfortunately, it was already too late, her child was not breathing anymore!

Obviously, like a madwoman, she runs to emergencies to save her baby. Alas, this ointment had succeeded in inflaming and irritating the poor baby's airways.

It is for this reason that this mother in mourning, took the decision to publish her story to say the least dramatic in order to warn all the moms and dads of the world!

Several recorded cases of babies who have died for the same reason

A baby had convulsions of neurological origin, lost consciousness and had to be hospitalized in a serious condition. According to our information,
this accident is due to the application on his body body the "Vicks Baby Balm", containing camphor. Following six other similar cases in infants, the French Health Products Safety Agency decided to withdraw all batches of Vicks Baby Balm from the Procter and Gamble brand. The pharmacists had no obligation to sell them anymore. "We remind parents that they should no longer use Vicks Baby Balm pots they might still detain at home. 

Thus, we are led to be more attentive and to call upon expertise when it comes to our health, because the use of traditional and popular remedies wrongly and through can be harmful and fatal in some cases.