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A Child Eats A Banana And Notices Red Lines Inside. Mum Rushes To Take Her To The Emergency Room On Time

A Child Eats A Banana And Notices Red Lines Inside. Mum Rushes To Take Her To The Emergency Room On Time

A Child Eats A Banana And Notices Red Lines Inside. Mum Rushes To Take Her To The Emergency Room On Time

We will never repeat it enough: to have an iron health, it is important to eat healthy and to vary as much as possible the products you eat. Eating several fruits and vegetables a day is the guarantee to build an iron health, while eating in a healthy and balanced way. Nevertheless, we sometimes come across some unpleasant surprises by going to buy our favorite fruits and vegetables ...

This is certainly the story of Lissa and her daughter Dionne who, going to the supermarket to do their shopping of the week, were far from suspecting that they were about to fall on bananas ... everything except good for your health!

Indeed, on her way home, little Dionne immediately served a banana, without her mother or herself having really taken the time to check what was inside the fruit. Bad idea ! Because the banana in question was indeed contaminated. As a result, little Dionne ended up fainting with pain on the kitchen floor.

The nigrospora sphaerica

Nigrospora sphaerica, more simply called nigrospora, is a fungal disease that mainly affects fruits and plants in countries with a tropical climate. It is caused by the proliferation of several types of parasitic fungi within them.

Still unknown to all, this infection is characterized by the appearance of a reddish color, at least for bananas!

A color that has long been associated with the AIDS virus, creating panic around the world.

A rumor that has obviously been denied some time after its appearance, and this, through a simple and reassuring explanation: HIV never ventures outside the human body!

If the blackish hue that some bananas can take from the inside is not considered toxic to humans, the reddish hue on the other hand suffers from a bad reputation! However, some scientists have looked into the issue and discovered that while this infection may be harmful to some, it may not be harmful to others!

Heavily exported to Canada, these bananas have even been the subject of a specific decision by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. According to the Agency, they must be thrown away to eliminate any risk of infection.

More fear than harm

When she arrives in the emergency room, the little girl continues to suffer horrible stomachaches and spends the day throwing up. Fortunately for her, the ills quickly fade away, simply by resting!

As for the supermarket that imported and sold these bananas, he sent his most apologetic apologies to the mother of little Dionne, through this letter:

"We are sincerely sorry for the inconvenience caused to little Dionne and her mother Lisse. We guarantee you that this will not happen again since we have decided not to market this type of bananas at home, even though they are not all dangerous for health ".

A happy ending not so tragic in the end for the little Dionne, but still reminds us that it is important to always pay attention to what we put on our plate. If a food seems suspicious by its shape, color or taste, do not hesitate to inquire around you, or at best avoid eating it.