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She Burns Laurel Leaves In Her House! Everyone Will Want To Do The Same!

She Burns Laurel Leaves In Her House! Everyone Will Want To Do The Same!

Burns Laurel Leaves In Her House

A hectic pace of life with long days of work are the most common causes of stress, which has become a problem inherent in modern lifestyle. But being not just a harmless passing sensation, stress can have pernicious consequences on our health, both physically and psychologically.

An anti-stress agent foolproof

Far from conventional methods of relaxation such as going on vacation, having a relaxing massage or going to the sauna, there are very natural, simple and economical alternatives to eliminate a good deal of the stress accumulated daily. The bay leaves are the perfect example, since these leaves are not only used to flavor and sublimate the dishes you make at home, they also have considerable therapeutic properties, but what is most surprising is to know that they help effectively relax and are an excellent anti-stress solution!

And in order to take advantage of it, you only have to take some bay leaves, no matter whether they are dried or still fresh, to put them in an ashtray before setting them on fire, then you can leave the room and let it burn quietly. 10 minutes later, you can return to the room and inhale the scent of the plant and feel the positive energy it gives off. The combustion process aims to release essential oil of laurel which has the particularity of relaxing and relaxing.

There are many other benefits to using bay leaves

A disinfectant of choice:

The bay leaf has more than one antibacterial property, it is also anti-inflammatory, antiviral, which makes it a very good solution against infections as well as different viruses. It neutralizes many elements that can cause diseases but can also act as painkiller!

An anti-cockroach solution

Although its smell is very popular with people, roaches are not at all of this opinion and hate it very particularly. So, instead of using insecticides or other chemicals that can have adverse effects on your health, you can use fresh leaves but it is better to take dry well ground to release more smell, then put in the places you want to protect against cockroach invasions, they will not be able to enter your home anymore!

An effective Analgesic (pain reliever)

Bay leaves are especially effective when it comes to calming pain. They can soothe a lot of headaches, muscles or joints and go beyond them. Using poultice leaves as a poultice on the affected area is a great way to deal with it, as is putting it in the water of your bathtub, which will have the advantage of relax all of your body.

A great ally for the immune system

Its antioxidant characteristics give the bay leaf the ability to strengthen your immune system. By putting it in your dishes, you make sure that your food actively helps your immune system to be stronger and eliminate the harmful effects of free radicals that often accelerate the aging process and more of an inflammation.

A stimulant for digestion

Consuming bay leaf allows your digestive system to work more actively, thanks to the fiber, vitamins and other minerals it contains. Its scent, meanwhile, stimulates the production of saliva and therefore digestive enzymes improving the digestive process, in order to avoid several digestive disorders, including bloating and heartburn.

Good care for skin and hair

Apply as a lotion or decoction is a very good care for the scalp as well as oily skin, which has the effect of cleaning the skin and fight against irritation and various wounds. You can also use it to rinse your hair to give it shine and eliminate dandruff.

Warning :

It should be noted that laurel leaves should be consumed in moderation, as they can have side effects such as vomiting or drowsiness. It is also not advisable to put in an herbal tea for pregnant women.