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Сute Сat Soothing Crying Baby : The Baby Starts To Cry In Bed Hysterically. Watch The Cat's Quick Reaction (Video)

Сute Сat Soothing Crying Baby : The Baby Starts To Cry In Bed Hysterically. Watch The Cat's Quick Reaction (Video)

Сute Сat Soothing Crying Baby

Like dogs, cats can also show fidelity and love. Despite their reputation for being independent, arrogant and proud, cats mark their love for their owners in different ways. Many videos on the web testify to this. The story of this little baby is an example. Watch the video, you will be surprised!

This little cat is the main pet and the best friend of man. According to the union chamber of manufacturers of prepared pet foods, the americans are now turning more to cats because they are much more cuddly, eat and take up less space than other pets. There are more than 500 million cats on the planet and about 13 million in France and today there are about 50 breeds.

Here is a video of a little baby who was crying in bed, the cat's reaction was just amazing.

Do not cry, I'm here!

The cat, whom we believe to be independent and unable to become attached to Man, has become his new best friend. Contrary to beliefs, the cat can quickly find his place in the house by building relationships with each family member and even the little ones. It can bring emotional security to babies different from that of parents.

When this baby, lying on his bed, began to cry, the cat jumps from the arms of the little girl who was holding him and climbs onto the bed to comfort and calm the little baby. The cat begins to offer a moment of tenderness and hugs to the baby who seems to appreciate this gesture of love and calm down almost immediately.

The relationship between the cat and the Man

Recent studies of cats' behavior have shown that they are not social animals but relational animals that are able to develop emotional relationships with their companions. Cats can trigger small moments of simple joy for the man and can offer him an appeasement and comfort by their purring. Several studies have even shown that just petting or talking to a cat could lower blood pressure and relieve stress.

In addition, cats form a perfect duo with the elderly, because of their quiet and silent presence. They are able to help them bear their loneliness, especially after the departure of their children and loved ones, showing affection and giving meaning to their existence.

To establish relationships, cats are especially based on the behavior and mood of humans. If the latter is nervous, the cat may flee to protect himself and in case of forced contact, he may show a reaction a little aggressive. If the person is sad, the cat will try to comfort her in any way, asking for hugs or attracting attention by being fun. It is for this reason that the cat has different attitudes with each member of the family without any preference.

However, there are rules and conditions that must be respected:
  • You have to be coherent, attentive and very understanding
  • Regularly change the litter and choose a location that is not very isolated or too crowded
  • Encourage and participate in his games
  • Enrich your environment by installing cat trees, cushions, balls and many other objects
  • To serve him / her to eat while respecting a balanced and healthy diet.
  • Never use violent language, be patient and tolerant, and offer comfort and love.
Watch the video, it's just beautiful: